Units can be deleted from CiiRUS which will then archive them in case historical data needs to be accessed. Deleted properties can still be viewed within the system and be included in various reports. Before deleting a property, it is recommended to make sure that there are no future bookings that have a payment due and that there are no funds due to/from the owner and the ending balance equals 0.00.

Delete a Unit in CiiRUS One

To delete/archive a property, go to:

  1. Owners & Listings
  2. Listings
  3. Advanced Unit Setup
  4. From the table, locate the applicable unit and click on the "trash" icon from the last column of the table.

Delete a Unit in CiiRUS Desktop

To delete/archive a property, go to:

  1. Select the applicable property from the Property Chooser
  2. Owners & Homes
  3. Properties
  4. Delete Property



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