What is a Multi-Agent Login?

A multi-agent logon is a platform offered by CiiRUS that allows the Property Manager to provide a protected website for booking agents, where the agent can login to quote and make bookings for guests at discounted rates. The Property Manager will be able to configure specific rates, descriptions and properties for each agent, giving total flexibility to cater to the agreements made with each agent.

How does it work?  

The CiiRUS Website Team will make a duplicate of the website connected to the Property Manager's CiiRUS Account and add an Agent Login page. Each agent will be provided with a unique Username and Password to access their portal.

To get started on creating a multi-agent login, please reach out to the Website Team for pricing and more information.

A domain and SSL certificate will also need to be purchased for the multi-agent login site. For example, agents.floriwood.com.



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