What is a SuperSite?

CiiRUS' SuperSite technology allows a user to have multiple websites that are connected to ONE CiiRUS Account. This saves time as the user does not have to have multiple CiiRUS Accounts if they wish to have multiple websites. All bookings, guest communication, and payment can be managed within the main CiiRUS Account.

Essentially a SuperSite is a duplicate of the main website, but can have different content, branding, prices, and even different properties enabled.

Why create a SuperSite?

Some examples of a SuperSite include websites in different languages, or different locations where the branding is different. For instance, a user may have one website in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, so the website can be marketed in different countries.

Or, a user has a selection of Signature Villas and would like to showcase those homes on a separate website with a different color scheme and images.

How does it work?

First, contact the CiiRUS Website Team for pricing to generate a second or third website. This will be known as a SuperSite.

If a website has already been created and attached to the CiiRUS Account, a second SuperSite account will be created where the second website will be copied to. From there, the CiiRUS Website Team will insert the content and images provided, and the user can stream over the applicable properties and rates to the SuperSite.



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