It is very important to configure the settings on this page, prior to processing transactions to the Owner Account. Configuring these settings accurately, will prevent any financial errors on the owner statements. Please keep in mind, these are global settings that will apply to all owners in the system.


To access this screen, go to:

  1. Global Settings > Settings Assistant
  2. Navigate to 'General Owner Accounting Settings' from the left menu

Settings Overview

Minimum Owner Account Balance -

The minimum owner account balance is the owner reserve amount. The  owner must maintain this amount on a monthly basis. If the owner is  below the minimum requirement, the system will require an owner payment  that amounts to the minimum requirement. If the owners balance is above the minimum, the system will display an amount due to the owner. This can be overridden on a per owner basis, within Advanced Unit Setup.

Owner Statement Layout -

The system provides two options for the owner statement layout:

Option #1: Classic- transactions will appear in chronological order.

Option #2: Grouped- transactions are grouped together based on type and category.

Transactions Only: Shows only the transactions to the owner for each month

Transactions Plus Year to Date Summary: In addition to the transactions, a year to date summary is provided to the owner on the last page

Click the "Preview" button to see an example of each statement layout. Please keep in mind, these are factious statements. The preview shows the 'Year to Date Summary' on the last page of the statement.

Payment Link and Header/Footer -

Owner Payment link  - Applies only when a valid Merchant Account is configured. This allows the owner to click the link to submit a payment using their credit card.

Statement Header - Enter general information such as company name, address, phone number to appear at the top of the owner statements.

Statement Footer  - Enter information to appear at the bottom of the owner statement. This is usually payment information and terms. This information is not specific to each unit, therefore, enter general  information to appear at the bottom of each owner statement.

PMC ACH Settings -

Click here to enter your bank account information to produce ACH files to the owner.

Enter the following information:

Please note this option is only supported by Bank Accounts in the USA.



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