Where to Start?

To begin enabling listings for the integration between CiiRUS and Airbnb, navigate to:

  1. Connections
  2. Channel Manager
  3. Airbnb

Specify Airbnb Account & Sync Category for the Listing

First, locate the "Airbnb Account" column and click the dropdown box to specify which of the connected Airbnb accounts this listing should be created for. Most users will only have one Airbnb account.

You will then need to specify the Synchronization category, which tells Airbnb how much information about the listing should be synced with CiiRUS. Select "Sync All" to experience the full end-to-end sync capability of the CiiRUS & Airbnb Integration. This is necessary for most users. Select "Sync None" to have the listing sent to your Airbnb account by CiiRUS, but with none of the information being synchronized. Select "Sync Rates and Availability" to limit the sync only to rates and availability.

Is this a listing you already host on Airbnb?

Perhaps you have been managing without the integration, or you're switching to CiiRUS from a different platform. If this is the case, select "Sync Undecided". After the listing is created (several steps below), you will receive a message from Airbnb's platform that prompts you to merge the existing listing with this new one from CiiRUS. This will allow you to keep your reviews and listing history on Airbnb while experiencing the full benefit of the CiiRUS integration.

Once you have completed this step on Airbnb's platform, return to CiiRUS and change the Sync Category of the listing back to "Sync All".

You can specify values for multiple listings at a time; the cells will turn green to indicate you have unsaved changes. When ready to move on, press the 'save' icon or click away from the table to auto-save.

Configure The Listing Details

After setting the Airbnb Account and Sync Category, there are several recommended settings and fields that should be configured prior to publishing & creating the listing.

As mentioned earlier, most users will not need to use every field, so let's cover the recommend minimum essentials for every listing. Each of these settings is done on the individual listing level.

  • Description Set: Leave this blank to sync the default description for this listing with Airbnb. Otherwise, use the dropdown list to choose a different description you may have created for this unit in CiiRUS.
  • Rate Set: Leave this blank to sync the default rates for this listing with Airbnb. Otherwise, use the dropdown list to choose different rates.
  • Multiplication Factor: Leave this at 0.00 to price exactly as the rates set specifies. Otherwise, enter a decimal to use as a multiplier that will mark-up or discount the rates. For example, enter 1.05 to mark up by 5%. Or enter 0.90 to discount by 10%.
  • Terms: Leave this default to use the standard terms & conditions for the listing, or, specify alternate terms & conditions.
  • Cancellation Policy: Airbnb provides a set list of cancellation policies to apply to a listing. Select which cancellation policy to use for each.
  • Charge Cleaning Fee: Check this box to charge the guest the standard cleaning fee already configured for the unit in CiiRUS.

The above list is the minimum recommended configuration. There are additional settings some users may wish to specify, including additional itemized fees, pass-through taxes, and request-to-book. If you intend to use any of the aforementioned optional modules, read on for further instructions.

Publish & Create The Listing

Creating a listing means that the information added to CiiRUS about your unit will publish a new listing on Airbnb.

Once satisfied with the configuration steps done above, check the box "Publish Listing" to make the listing visible to guests on Airbnb once created. Press the save icon or exit the table to auto-save.

You can proceed to the next step without marking the listing as published. This means that when you create the listing in the next step, it will be synced to your Airbnb account, but it will not be visible to guests. You would want to do this if you plan to set-up things that need to be done later, like Pass-Through taxes.

To create the listing on Airbnb, select the check-mark icon on the far left under the "Create Listing" header. This will create a listing and initiate synchronization between CiiRUS and Airbnb for the given listing.

The listing is being created and synced on Airbnb. After a moment, a success message will appear, which can then be closed.

Configure Standard Fees

Airbnb provides the following fee types that can be itemized and charged to every guest when they reserve a given listing:

  • Resort Fee
  • Management Fee
  • Community Fee
  • Linen Fee
  • Pet Fee

Each of these options can be mapped to a custom reservation extra in CiiRUS, so that while the guest sees one of the above labels in the reservation breakdown, it gets reported for you in CiiRUS as the selected reservation extra. Read more about configuring standard fees for Airbnb in the article "Airbnb Booking Extras & Fees"

Locating More Fields

Not all fields you may need are visible by default, and may be in a different order. If that's the case, simply drag and drop field headings to relocate them, and open the 'Field Chooser" to select which fields should be visible in the table.

To use the Field Chooser:

  1. Select the Field Chooser icon on the top-right of the table to open the list of fields.
  2. Use the check-boxes to make the given fields visible or invisible.

Removing Listings

To remove a listing from the Airbnb integration, first un-check the 'Publish Listing' box in the Channel Manager > Airbnb for the unit that needs to be removed.

Once saved, log into your account on Airbnb.com and follow their instructions to remove the listing from the account.

Map New Airbnb Listings

For listings that you currently have added separately to both CiiRUS and Airbnb, follow these steps to map the listing from Airbnb to CiiRUS.

First navigate to:

  1. Connections
  2. Channel Manager
  3. Airbnb

From the grid, specify 'Sync Undecided' within the 'Sync Category' column against the applicable listing(s). Be sure to click the 'save' icon above the grid.

Next, click on 'Create listing':

Now login to your Airbnb portal and go to 'Manage Listings' > 'Listings.' The listing will show that it is in an undecided state which means it is not yet live in Airbnb but is ready to be mapped to the listing in CiiRUS.

In this screen, simply click on 'Review Listings' to complete mapping them:

Here you will merge duplicate listings between the existing Airbnb listings and newly imported listings. Select the existing listing first and then map it to the newly imported listing:

Click on 'Merge listings' to complete the mapping in Airbnb. Then go back into CiiRUS > Channel Manager > Airbnb and update the syncing category to 'Sync all' or 'Sync Rates and Availability' depending on what you wish to sync.         

Remember to click the save icon above the grid. To complete the mapping process, select the first icon, 'Queue for sync.'



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