With the new Calendar & Agenda views, you can now provide your vendors with a more streamlined and organized way to manage their tasks. They can easily view and track their upcoming tasks, and plan their schedule accordingly.

The Calendar view displays tasks in a monthly format, allowing vendors to quickly see what's coming up. The Agenda view displays tasks in a list format, providing more detailed information such as task description, due date, and status.

Vendors can also customize their views to show specific tasks, by selecting filters like back-to-back, task type, or status. This helps them focus on the tasks that need their immediate attention.

By providing your vendors with these new views, you can improve the overall efficiency and productivity of your maintenance operations. Your vendors will have a better understanding of their workload, and can work more effectively to complete their tasks on time.


To access the calendar, select 'Calendar' from the menu navigation on the right:

Choose the month that you would like to view from the date selector above the calendar.

The tasks are displayed on the calendar where you can see if it is a housekeeping task, a work order or a inspection. Each task type is color coded for easily identification. Click on a task to view more details and start the task.


View your tasks as a list by navigating to 'Agenda' from the navigation menu:

Like the with the calendar, choose the week that you would like to view from the date selector at the top. Your tasks will display in a list view, where you can click on a task to view more details.



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