Upon logging into CiiRUS, the Dashboard page will be displayed. The dashboard provides various data at a quick glance. For example, see the percentage of bookings last month compared to this month, the ADR, and occupancy. Keep in mind, this page is not customizable, but reports can be generated throughout the system for more in-depth data.

Upcoming Bookings at a Glance

  1. The upcoming Number of Days can be set.
  2. The upcoming Arrivals, Departures, Cleans, Incomplete Work Orders, and any Pending Credit Card Payments can be viewed. To view more information, click into the applicable box


The Booking Source pie graphs displays the percentage of bookings from each booking source including direct bookings, website bookings, HomeAway, Airbnb, Owner bookings, and all other bookings channels that have been configured for the account.


  1. The Average Daily Rate (the ADR) Graphs display the average daily rate for the last month, the current month, and the bookings for the upcoming month.
  2. The Map pinpoints the location of each home that has been configured. To access the basic details of the selected home, select the pinpoint to view the Property Name, the homeowner, and physical address of the home.


The Occupancy Graph displays the average occupancy for all homes in the account for the current day, the current month, and the current year.



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