Restrict System Access allows you to limit account access to specified location(s) only.


To Access the IP Restrictions feature, go to :

  1. Global Settings
  2. Select "Restrict System Access"

Note: Only the External IP address is affected by this feature, not Internal IP addresses (sometimes known a sub-net IPs).

This means you can restrict access to a single building or router (all devices connected to the specified building or router will still have access).

Enabling IP Restrictions

To enable the IP Restrictions feature, select the tick box at the top left of the IP Restrictions screen.

Adding Safe IP Address

With the feature enabled, the IP Restrictions box will display your current IP address at the top, and automatically populate the new safe IP field.

Click the Plus button to add your current IP address to the safe IP list. This will enable your account at your current location.

Once complete, you are free to add IP addresses of other safe locations, by entering the known IP address into the field, and clicking the Plus button.

Removing IP Address

If you find that an IP address in the list is no longer safe or it is set for a location you no longer login from, you can remove it.

First, select the IP address you would like to delete from the list, then click the Remove button.



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