CiiRUS has a full web-development team who's experienced in building websites catered for the vacation rental industry. Each site works seamlessly with the CiiRUS system, meaning once the property is added and configured in CiiRUS, the changes will reflect in real-time on the website.

CiiRUS websites are built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is the standard markup language for web pages.

HTML is used together with CSS and JavaScript for building websites. It provides the sites’ basic structure, which is later enhanced by CSS and JavaScript.

CSS helps visually style the basic structure classified by HTML and it controls how the content’s layout is formatted and presented to the users.

JavaScript is used to make the website interactive and it controls the behavior of different content elements in response to user action.

Since the site is built using HTML, it makes it easier to control all the functionality on the site since it is easy to access the code to make modifications and updates.

CiiRUS offers different website templates and designs, depending on the package that the Property Manager opts into.

The standard features that are included are:

  • Default navigation menu
  • Company logo/colors
  • Image or video banner (additional costs may apply)
  • Home page
  • About Us page
  • Contact page
  • Search listings page
  • Property details page for each property
  • Availability calendar for each property
  • Rental Rates for each property
  • Online quotes for each property
  • Online Reservation engine for each property
  • Choice of custom web-pages (services, FAQs, local area guide, ect)

Web Site Search Engine Optimization features (optional):

  • Guest Review
  • Blog
  • Site map



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