In CiiRUS each listing is mapped to a location, that can then be added to the website for a guest to filter by. For instance, the Property Manager could have properties in Miami, LA, and New York. In order to have separate search pages filtered by the location, or to allow the guest to pick the location that they are searching for, the locations must be added into the system.

Once the locations are added, they will dynamically populate into the "Destinations" drop-down field on the website.

Here's an example of how the locations will display on the website:

In addition, sections or pages specific to a location can be added and linked to the search page, filtered by the applicable location:

How to Add the Locations for the Website

Once the locations have been applied to the listings in the Listings Assistant, they can be added to the website where they will dynamically show within the "Destinations" drop-down field.

To add the website locations, go to:

  1. Websites
  2. General Settings
  3. Add Website Locations

To add the location,

  1. Click on " + "
  2. Enter the Location Name (this is how it will be labeled on the website. For example, instead of labeling it as "Orlando," enter "Orlando, Florida")
  3. Specify the Country from the drop-down
  4. Specify the State from the drop-down
  5. Specify the City from the drop-down
  6. Specify the Community from the drop-down
  7. Click "Save"

The locations entered here, MUST match the locations against the listing in the EXACT hierarchy order they are set in the Listings Assistant. If not, the website will not be able to map the correct properties when the location filter is applied.

Once the location is added, it will automatically appear within the "Destinations" drop-down field on the website:

Please disregard the "Location Description" and "Location Summary" unless you are using the Allocation on Arrival module with VRBO.



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