With the CiiRUS Mobile App, the Property Manager can take photos of items that may be damaged or which require maintenance and then instantly upload these to the system. The uploaded photos are for internal reference only or they can be made visible to the owner for their reference. Keep in mind, the Task Manager can also be used by cleaners/vendors to upload images to report damage found in the property. Be sure to check out the documentation for Task Manager.


To view uploaded images from the app, go to

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. Uploaded Images

Select the property from the Property Chooser drop-down:

Uploaded Photos Window

The table displays any images that have been uploaded from the Mobile App for the selected property.

From the table, the images can be viewed, comments can be added or edited, and it can be made visible to the owner.

Uploaded Image List

The Uploaded Image list displays all of the images taken for a particular home and includes useful information pertaining to each image. The available information is summarized below:

  1. Image - the actual uploaded image. Click on the image for a larger view.
  2. Comments - a description of the image or damage that has occurred.
  3. Uploaded - the date that the image was uploaded from the App.
  4. Booking ID - if the photo was uploaded from a specific booking, the associated booking ID will appear in this column. If the photo was uploaded to the property, then a will appear.
  5. Visible to Owner - this column displays the option to share the photo with the owner, if checked.
  6. Delete an Image - click the "trash" icon to delete the selected image.

Uploading an Image

Images can be uploaded using the CiiRUS Mobile App. This can be found in the Apple App Store or Google Play for Android. Check out the documentation for the Mobile App.

From the App, a photo can be uploaded from a booking or from a property.

To upload an image from the property, go to:

  1. Property List
  2. Select the property
  3. Click on Photos from the "Choose Action" menu

Click on "Upload" to add a new photo or take a new photo using the camera.

Make Photo Visible to Owner

To share the photo with the owner, enable the check box in the Visible to Owner? toggle.

This will stream to the owner's account where the owner can view the photo.

For any photo(s) that are not to be shared with the owner, make sure the Visible to Owner? option is disabled (this is done by default for any recently uploaded photo).


The Comments field underneath the selected photo will display any notes made about the photo.

Notes and comments can be added in the App when the photo is initially uploaded, or they can be added later from CiiRUS.

Delete a Photo

To delete an old or outdated photo, first select the photo, then click the Delete button.

When the confirmation window appears, click the Yes button to finish deleting the image.

Uploading a Photo from a Booking

To upload a photo against a booking, follow the steps above, but rather than clicking on "Property List," select "Arrivals" or "Departures" from the menu.

Then select the booking and choose "Photos" from the "Booking Details Window." Again, follow the steps above to add the photo and comments.



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