Specific details pertaining to the Management Company (MC) can be edited here.

This includes the following items:

  • Secure Details (Owner Bills)
  • Access Codes
  • General Settings
  • Locking System


To view the various details and settings, go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. MC Details  
  4. Select one of the subcategories below

Property Secure Details

The Property Secure Details window, contains various account details for services being rendered for the property.

The details on this screen will reflect the currently selected property

The property may have several accounts related to it from companies that supply services to the home. This can include utility service accounts, cleaning service accounts, insurance policies, or any other service for the home that is billed to a specific account.

Enter the account details here and save them for convenient reference later. Information entered here will also allow the Property Manager to automate bill payments.

To add a new account:

  1. Click the "Plus" icon
  2. Category - Specify the Category, for example, "Utilities / Electricity."  (This is also the Owner Account Category against the bill payment)
  3. Item - Enter the name of the item such as "Account Number"
  4. Reference/Value - specify the actual account number
  5. Contact - Specify the company or contact
  6. Default - click the checkbox if this is a bill that is paid and will be processed through the bill payment module. A "tick-mark" will appear in the first column to click to make this account the default bill.

Click the "Save" icon:


Access Codes

Access codes can be used in emails sent to the guest, for example, a "Check-in Instructions" email can be sent prior to arrival that contains these access codes. The codes will also be used within the Guest Portal.

Lock  Codes

Within the "Lock Codes" panel enter any entry codes needed to get into the property.

In some cases, the entry code may be different depending on who is entering the property.  Codes for cleaning or maintenance staff can be entered separately if required.

If only one code is used for anyone entering the home, enter that code into every field.

Other Access Codes

Other security information may be required to enter by the guest. This can include an alarm code, a community gate code, or wireless network credentials.  

Enter them into the Other panel.

Be sure to click the "Save" button.

General tab

The General page displays an overview of the property's current settings and any notes made about the property. The property can be selected using the Property Chooser drop-down.

General Property Settings

The settings on this screen, reflect settings that have already been specified in the system and will most likely never need changing on this screen.

This area is a good place to check all of the property's default settings to ensure that the property is set up correctly.

Tourist and Sales Tax Account Numbers

When setting up a new property, it is important to include the properties tax account numbers.

If the tax account covers multiple properties, enter those tax account numbers instead.

Tourist and Sales Tax Account Numbers

Property Comments

The Property Comments panel on is a good place to enter and store any notes regarding the selected property.

Notes entered into this box are property specific and will not display on any distributive items such as emails to owners or reports.



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