The Housekeeping Schedule displays, manages, and organizes cleaning information assigned to the properties. From the schedule, the status of the clean can be updated, cleaning costs can be entered, and reports can be generated. The schedule connects to Task Manager in real-time, so once the cleaner updates the status of the clean in the portal, it will automatically reflect in the Housekeeping Schedule.

Housekeeping Overview

To open the Housekeeping Schedule go to:

  1. Operations
  2. Housekeeping

Housekeeping Table

Once a booking is placed, the system will automatically schedule an end-of-stay departure clean. If additional cleans have been added to a booking such as a mid-stay clean, or refresher clean, it will automatically appear within the Housekeeping Schedule. The table displays all of the scheduled cleans. Using the filters above the table, the cleans can be narrowed down or filtered by specific dates or a specific cleaner.

Applying the Filters

Various filters can be applied to show the applicable cleans in the table:

  1. Start Date & End Date - only cleans between this date range will appear
  2. Cleaners - Select a specific cleaner from the drop-down to see the cleans assigned to this person
  3. Clean ID - Enter the clean ID number to find a specific clean
  4. Include Financials - Click this checkbox to see the cost price, charge to the owner, and/or the charge to the guest
  5. Click the "Refresh" button to apply the filters

Once the filters are applied, the cleans will appear in the table and will display the following data:

  1. The property that this clean is for
  2. The community of the property
  3. Number of guests (if the guest list has been added in the Reservation Folio)
  4. Name of the Guest
  5. Departure Date (typically the same as the cleaning date, if it is the end-of-stay clean)
  6. Booking Category
  7. Clean ID
  8. Task Template
  9. Clean Date
  10. Cleaner assigned
  12. Progress
  13. Date the clean was added

To make any changes, such as applying or overriding the Task Template or the assigned cleaner, simply select the applicable field and choose from the drop-down menu.

Financial Data

To show the "Clean Cost to MC", the "Charge to the Guest", and the "Charge to the Owner," make sure to include the financials in the table by selecting the check-box and clicking "Refresh."

The table will load the columns:

  1. Clean Cost to MC - this is the cost due to the cleaner or cleaning company for the clean
  2. Charge to Guest - this is the amount charged to the guest for the clean, which may include a mark-up
  3. Charge to Owner - this is the amount charged to the owner, which may include a mark-up. Typically, the owner would be charged for the clean if it is an "Owner Stay"or "Owner Reservation."

If the cleaning costs have been entered in the Advanced Unit Setup, the amounts will automatically populate here in the schedule. If not, select the field, and enter the amount.

A standard report can be generated to calculate the total cost due to the cleaner, as well as any profit due to the Management Company.

To pull this report, please go to:

  1. Operations
  2. Reports
  3. Select "Housekeeping Margin" report from the report menu and specify the date range
  4. Click "View Report"

Please view the documentation on "Reports" to learn more about generating standard reports.

Short-Cut Icons

From the clean, the associated booking can be viewed for quick reference or more information of the booking. Each clean also provides tracking information, as part of the SecureTrack Module.

  1. Click the "Settings" icon in the first column of the table to open the Reservation Folio
  2. Click the "Track" icon in the first column of the table to see tracking information such as any changes made to a clean, who made the changes, and the time the changes occurred

Generating Reports

A standard cleaning report can be easily generated by clicking the "Open Report" button.

A new tab will open in the browser where the report can be viewed:

The report can be printed or saved from the list of common file types:

Task Manager

The new CiiRUS Task Manager is the most advanced operational toolkit for property managers in the vacation rental industry. A new template system and intuitive mobile application make it easier than ever to manage housekeeping, maintenance, and inspection operations from anywhere.

Please read the full documentation guide on Task Manager to find out more details.


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