The CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) manages guests, records guest history, and sends automated emails and campaigns.

Included in the CRM, are the following features:

  • Manage People: manage all past, present and future guests in one central dashboard
  • Newsletters and Templates: create personalized custom email and SMS templates
  • Automated Email, SMS & Messaging: automate all marketing and¬†transactional communication throughout the guest life without sacrificing that personal touc
  • Contacts and Vendors: manage and store all vendors in one central dashboard

Please see below for an overview of each feature within the CRM.

To access the CRM, go to:

  1. Management Company
  2. CRM

Manage People

Within "Manage People" manage all past, present and future guests in one central dashboard.

  • Search for guests
  • Merge guests into one contact for guests with multiple entries
  • View all past, present, and future reservations or quotes for a guest
  • View/Comment communication history
  • Enter and store notes about a guest
  • Create marketing categories to apply to guests (repeat guest, snowbird, VIP, etc.)
  • Add new leads
  • Set Username and Password for online Guest Portal
  • Import leads into CRM from and external leads list
  • Template spreadsheet download provided
  • Import leads to a specified marketing category
  • Create a new reservation for an existing guest
  • Create new quote for an existing guest

Please click here to see the full manual on "Manage People."

Email and Rules

Setup automated trigger rules for each type of email, SMS, or message sent to a guest, owner, or specific email address.

Email automation is triggered by sets of rules created. This screen is used to create rules which will trigger the email template created in the template editor to be sent to users that match the specified criteria set by the rules. Below are some example automated email (virtually any combination of rules can be set):

  • "Thank you for Quoting with Us"
  • "Thank you for Booking with Us"
  • "Would you like to add a BBQ Grill Rental to your Stay?"
  • "Would you like to Pool Heat to your Stay?"
  • "Balance Due Reminder"
  • "Arrival Information"
  • "We hope you are enjoying your stay. Check-out Information"
  • "Storm Approaching, please bring in patio furniture!"
  • "Thank you for Staying with Us"
  • "Happy Birthday, take 10% off your next stay with us"
  • "Stay again, receive 20% off!"
  • "Cancellation Confirmation, please consider us again in the future!"
  • "Owner Booking Confirmation"

Please click here to see the full manual on "Email and Rules."


Manage contacts and vendors such as housekeepers, maintenance staff, utility companies, inspectors, and pest control.

  • Add contacts
  • Browse contacts
  • Edit contact information
  • Multi-View
  • Import or export to QuickBooks

Please click here to see the full manual on "Contacts and Vendors."

Newsletters and Templates

Create custom email, SMS, and messaging templates using the editor.

Automated email templates are created in the template editor. Templates are created using a combination of text, images and tokens/tags. A token is used as a placeholder to define actual information.

For example the token [guestname] would display the actual name of the guest when the email is sent to the user from the CRM. Over 50 tokens are available, the combination allows near any type of email to be created and distributed to targeted users.

Please click here to see the full manual on "Newsletters and Templates."



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