From 'Manage Guest Profiles' the property manager can manage all past, present and future guests in one central dashboard.

The following features are available from 'Manage Guest Profiles' -

  • Search for guests
  • Merge guests into one contact for guests with multiple entries
  • View all past, present, and future reservations or quotes for a guest
  • View/Comment communication history
  • Enter and store notes about a guest
  • Create marketing categories to apply to guests (repeat guest, snowbird, VIP, etc.)
  • Add new leads
  • Import leads from an external leads list
  • Template spreadsheet download provided
  • Import leads to a specified marketing category
  • Create a new reservation for an existing guest


To access Manage Guest Profiles, go to:

  1. Communications
  2. Manage Guest Profiles

From this screen all guests, leads who have quoted or inquired and leads are stored as a record.

Use the filters to locate a specific guest or lead by entering any of the known contact details in the fields. Click "Search" to load the results, or instead of applying filters, click "Search" to load all CRM contacts in the database (this may take a little longer to load).

Contact Type

There are three contact types:

  1. Account - a guest with a confirmed reservation
  2. Lead - an inquiry or someone who has signed up for the newsletter
  3. Opportunity - a potential guest that has generated a quoted


These types are useful to determine what kind of contact it is and marketing emails can be created to send to  these specific contact types.

For example, a marketing email could be created to only send to leads encouraging them to book.

Search for a Contact

Again, either use the filters above the table to locate a specific contact, or once all contacts have been populated, simply type the name of the contact in the applicable field.

The database will load all records based on the name that has been entered.

To clear the results, simply backspace or uncheck the filter below the table:

Merge Records

Often duplicate records are created if two separate reservations are added for a guest, or if a guest quotes and then books separately.

To keep the database clean and easier to locate a specific guest, records can be merged into one.

For instance, there are two records for the guest "Bob Brown" in the database:

The first record has the most data, such as "Bob's" email address, so it is recommended to merge the other contacts into the record that contains the most data.

To merge the records, select the checkbox for each one from the first column and notice that the "merge" icon will appear:

Select the "merge" icon on the contact that you would like to merge the records into. Select "Yes" to confirm the merge.

Notice the window states the contact ID that the records will be merged into and asks to confirm before you proceed.  Make sure that this is the correct contact ID before clicking "Yes" to merge.

Guest Details

The CRM stores all past, present, and future reservations for the guest, plus all of their contact information, payment methods, and history.

To view this information for the selected guest, click on the "person" icon:

The header displays the guest name, email address, phone number and if they are enabled to login to GuestPass or signed up for newsletters and marketing emails.

Click on each tab across the top to view more information.


Guest Details Tab:

View or edit the contact information such as name, phone number, address, etc.

To enter the address, to save time enter it in any format in the below field. This feature is only available if the address is found on Google Maps. Click on 'Find Address' to populate the address fields below. If this was done correctly, click the checkbox, 'If the address is correct, click here to use this address on reports.'

Personal Guest Details for Marketing Emails -

Specify the contacts birthday and wedding anniversary. This can be used to create marketing emails such as, "Happy Birthday, here's 10% off your next stay with us!"

GuestPass Account -

See the username for the guest to login to the Guest Portal, this is always the primary email address. The password is automatically generated by the system, but it can be reset here. To email this to the guest, click "Email Login Details." Alternatively, create a customized 'GuestPass' automated email from the 'Template Builder' with more information about the portal and how to login.

Reservations & Quotes Tab:

View all reservations and quotes for this guest. Click the “reservation folio” icon to open the folio to view details of the reservation or quote.

"R" is for reservation, and "Q" is for quote.

Guest Notes Tab:

Add correspondence with the guest such as phone calls, any issues or payment details to keep a running audit. Click on the "plus" icon above the table to add a new correspondence. Alternatively, enter free-format notes to save any special requirements or comments about the guest for future reference. Keep in mind, notes on this page are for internal reference only and will only be visible in this tab

Communication History:

View automated emails that have been sent to this guest via the CRM. Please note only those emails categorized as a ‘CRM Template’ and have their corresponding automation rules configured will display. This does not include any emails that have been sent on-demand from the reservation, but these can be tracked from the reservation instead.

Email tracking is only available for users integrated to MailChimp's Transactional Email service or an SMTP server and the content of the email will only show here if the email was sent via MailChimp's Transactional Email.

Stored Payments:

View, add or edit credit card payment methods to save on file for the guest. Please note that when duplicate contacts are merged into one, any stored payments are removed and will need to be added once again.

To add a new card to save on file, click the 'plus' icon above the grid and enter the details.

Marketing Categories

Categories can be created and applied to the record for marketing purposes. Email blasts can be automated and sent only to certain categories to accurately target specific people.

Some examples of categories include:

  1. Snowbird
  2. VIP Guest
  3. Repeat Guest
  4. Sports Team
  5. Front-line Worker

To create a new category, click "Categories" and then click the "Plus" icon to add a new category.

To apply a category to a record, click the dropdown within the "Category" column and select the applicable category.

To learn more about sending automated emails to a specific category, please click here to read the manual on CRM Email Rules.

Add Booking to an Existing Record

To prevent duplicating a record, and to save time from having to reenter the guest's information, a new booking can be generated directly from the record.

To add a new booking, select the applicable record by clicking the checkbox in the first column.

Then, either click "Ctrl + B" on the keyboard or click the "Add Reservation" icon.

The checkbox MUST be enabled for the contact details to populate within the new reservation.

Specify the booking information from the window and click "Add" to add the reservation. Notice, Aronolds name has automatically populated:

Add/Import Leads

A lead can be manually added to the database or multiple leads can be imported from an Excel spreadsheet.

To manually add a lead, click on "New Lead," enter the email address, and then click "Add" to save.

To import leads from an Excel spreadsheet, click on "Import" and follow the instructions from the window.

First, click "Get Template" which will download the Excel file to the computer. Once the leads have been added to the Excel spreadsheet, then "Select file" and the import will begin.

Depending on how many leads are being imported, it may take several minutes to complete the import.



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