CiiRUS connects directly to each of the major online travel sites (channels), eliminating hours of manual entry, risk for error, and costs from third-parties. By connecting directly through CiiRUS, the channel always has the most current and centralized data available. CiiRUS feeds all content directly to the channel, avoiding double or manual entry.

When a booking is placed from one channel, the home is automatically reserved in CiiRUS and all of the other connected channels. Updates made to descriptions, rates, images, and other data in CiiRUS are automatically published on the channel with no manual re-entry.

Another key benefit of CiiRUS’ direct connections is no need for a third-party channel manager to sit in the middle. Some channel managers charge you as much as 3%-5% per booking. CiiRUS’ direct connections cost just 1% per booking, a savings at least triple your money spent otherwise. We partner with the leading channels globally, giving you a network of critical marketplaces to launch your business.

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