The Multiplication Factor under the Channels Manager and the Supersites page, is a markup that can be applied to the assigned rateset for that specific property and channel. Instead of creating a rateset for each property and each individual channel, the user can use one rateset across the board.

This is applied only to the base rental rate before the agent multiplier is applied.

In SuperSites, the Use Nightly Floor Rates checkbox, applies to the rate sent via Supersites.

How to apply the multiplication factor:

To access the Multiplication Factor for various channels, go to:

  1. Connections
  2. Select a Channel Partner from the list (e.g. AirB&B)
  3. Choose the applicable property and assign the Rate Set
  4. Under the Multiplication Factor Column for that property, enter the percentage to mark-up the rate

For example:

$100 X 1.00 = $100

$100 X 1.03 = $103

$100 X 1.50 = $150

$100 X 10.00= $1000

0 or <0 is not permitted

A discount for example would be:

$100 X .85 = $85



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