The Copy Channel Configuration Tool is a helpful feature that saves the Property Manager time when integrating to a new channel. This tool allows settings that have already been configured for one channel, to be copied across to other channels for the selected properties. For example, let's say that Vrbo is already connected with the applicable properties configured with the rate-set, description set, terms, etc. Now it's time to connect to Trip Advisor. Instead of having to configure all of these settings again, the settings can be copied for the applicable properties from VRBO to apply to Trip Advisor.

The configuration tool will be able to copy the following property/channel level settings (where available):

  • Assigned Rate Set
  • Assigned Description Set
  • Assigned Terms & Conditions
  • Channel Multiplier
  • Use Daily Floor Rate?
  • Online Booking Enabled?
  • Calendar Sync Enabled?
  • Property Enabled?

Please note, not all of the settings will apply to all channels that configuration are copied to. For example, the 'Calendar Sync' option would never apply to Airbnb, or Vrbo. For this same reason, copying from these special channels will exclude one or more of the above settings.

This feature is available for all Channels, excluding SiteMinder - copying to or from.

Copying the Settings

Once one channel has been connected to the CiiRUS Account and the property settings have been configured, the settings can be copied across to multiple channels, again, to save time.

To copy the settings to a new channel, please go to:

  1. Connections
  2. Copy Channel Config.

Using the example from above, let's say the properties have already been configured for Vrbo, and are now going to be connected to Trip Advisor. To save adding and configuring the properties over again, they can be copied from Vrbo.

To see the properties configured for Vrbo, go to:

  1. Connections
  2. Channel Manager
  3. Vrbo

The table displays the properties and the settings configured:

Let's use property "El Rancho Grande" as an example. It is synced with Vrbo, the '3 Bedroom Rate Set' is assigned with a multiplication factor of '1.05'.

The same configuration will apply for this property on Trip Advisor.

To copy the settings, go to:

  1. Channel Manager
  2. Copy Channel Config

A new window will appear to select the following:

  1. The Source Channel - the channel that is already configured and where the settings will be copied from
  2. Target Channel(s) - the channel or channels where the property settings will be copied to. (Multiple channels can be selected at once)
  3. Properties - select the properties to copy with the applied settings
  4. Settings to Copy - select which settings to copy over

Before copying, select the applicable settings to copy. If any are excluded, the field will be left to the current value or the default value if the properties being configured are new to the channel. For example, exclude the "Property Enabled" setting, to audit the settings before enabling the properties.

After copying the properties to the channel, reference the target channel(s) to see the properties and settings.

Using this example, go to:

  1. Connections
  2. Channel Manager
  3. Trip Advisor

The table now shows that the property "El Ranch Grande" is enabled with the applicable settings for this channel.

As a reminder, this tool can be used for bulk copying multiple properties to multiple channels at once, saving the Property Manager a lot of time.

Copy Vrbo Configuration to HomeToGo

For Property Managers connecting to HomeToGo in the Channel Manager, the current Vrbo listings can be copied to save time. This function will only work if the Property Manager is enabled to use the Vrbo connection.

To connect and copy the listings from Vrbo, go to:

  1. Connections
  2. Channel Manager  
  3. HomeToGo

At the bottom of the screen, click "Connect & Copy from Vrbo"

From the pop-up, select "Yes" to continue the connection:

After a few seconds, the table will load the properties in the same way that they are configured under the Vrbo screen in the Channel Manager.

It will automatically assign the Rate Set, Multiplication Factor, Description Set, and if the property is enabled or not:

Please keep in mind, if any properties had previously been added within the HomeToGo screen, copying the listings from Vrbo will override what was previously configured.



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