With the CiiRUS/Airbnb Integration, multiple Airbnb accounts can be connected to one CiiRUS Account. This allows a Property Manager who has more than one Airbnb account to sync the inventory from CiiRUS to the applicable Airbnb account. This applies if the Property Manager co-hosts the listings on Airbnb, or has owners that are 'Super Hosts' and do not want new listings created under a new account.

How to Add Additional Airbnb Accounts

Once the default Airbnb account has been activated, additional accounts can be added.

Please reach out to the Support Team if assistance is needed to activate the default account.

To add a new account, go to:

  1. Connections
  2. Channel Manager  
  3. Airbnb

To see the connected Airbnb accounts, or to connect a new one, click on the "View Authorization" button above the table of properties.

The "Authorized Airbnb Accounts" window will open. To add a new account, click on "Add Airbnb Account."

A new tab within the browser will open with instructions on how to add the new account. Please follow these steps to finish the set-up.

It is very important to make sure all accounts have been logged out of on Airbnb before adding the new account to CiiRUS. Prior to committing this step, urge all reservationists and staff with access to any of the Airbnb accounts to close their browsers that may contain Airbnb, and ensure that the Airbnb app on their phone is closed.

After connecting the account, again, click on "View Authorizations" to see the accounts.

The table displays:

  1. The "Re-Auth" button
  2. The ID number - the order in which the accounts were added to CiiRUS
  3. Name - this is the "Host ID" number from Airbnb (this is how to reference which account it is)

The main Airbnb account that was first activated in CiiRUS, is the "Default Host." The additional accounts, can be referenced by the "Host ID" number within the name column. The "Host ID" number can be found within the Airbnb account.

Mapping the Property to the Applicable Account

To map the property to the corresponding Airbnb account, select the account from the "Airbnb account" column.

Once mapped and synced to Airbnb, it cannot be undone or changed, therefore, it is very important to map the correct account to the property before listing it. If the property must be unmapped or mapped to a different Airbnb account, the property will need to be unlisted and then relisted to a different account.

Configure the rest of the settings such as applying the rate set, multiplication factor, terms, and the cancellation policy, before creating the new listing.

To create the new listing, click the "Checkmark" icon within the "Create Listing" column.

Please reach out to our Support Team for further assistance with connecting the Airbnb Accounts.



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