The Airbnb Tax Attestation feature helps Property Managers automatically collect and remit tax via the CiiRUS integration. In the past, users would have had to either build the tax values into the rate or collect them separately. With Airbnb Tax Attestation, the taxes will clearly be displayed to the potential traveler when Airbnb does not remit. Only certain regions where Airbnb remits no tax support this feature. 

What is Airbnb Tax Attestation and Why Use it?

With Airbnb Tax Attestation, the taxes will clearly be displayed to the potential traveler when Airbnb does not remit. Please see the following example:

Accessing the Airbnb Tax Feature

From the left menu in Ciirus One, Go to Owners & Listings to access the Listings Assistant , or to Accounting, Owner Collections:

Assign Tax Values to Properties:

Go to Airbnb Channel Manager Screen

In the Airbnb screen, click the Tax Attestation button

See a list of the tax regions assigned to properties in your account:

Airbnb allows for tax remittance. Only certain regions where Airbnb remits no tax support this feature. This table displays the tax locations configured in the Property Managers System. Locations where this feature is supported appear in black. Unsupported areas appear in grey.

Assign Airbnb category per tax band

If assigned to a property, the required license fields are populated, the tax type category is set against the attestation for configured properties in a tax region (as shown above), the Attested column as shown above is checked in cases where Airbnb’s API has confirmed the region as attest-able, and the property is listed on Airbnb.

Each row has a command button to show you the properties within each tax region:

In attest-able regions Properties that will be attested for and conveyed to Airbnb will be colored green, and the edit option for the attested tax value is removed.

To complete the attestation you must populate the tax Registration ID for each tax band that applies.

Make sure that tax remitted by MC is checked, but that the tax extra is not populated (Left blank)


You can configure properties that are not active on Airbnb.

You must have at least one active property listed on Airbnb in a given tax region in order to see any tax region as attest-able.



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