Now that Task Templates have been added, they can be assigned to cleans, work-orders, and inspections so that staff members can complete them using the Task Manager app.

CiiRUS can automatically schedule a post-departure clean for every booking. It will assign the clean to that home’s preferred cleaner and apply that home’s default housekeeping Task Template.

To automatically have a new clean added to a home on the date of each departure:

  1. Navigate in the left menu to Owners & Homes > Properties > Quick Setup.
  2. Select the “Filters” drop-down button.
  3. Enable “Housekeeping”  and “Task Manager Templates”, and click "Apply".
  4. Scroll horizontally to locate the column grouping “Housekeeping”.
  5. Locate the column “Force Housekeeping” and enable this for each home where departure cleans should be added automatically.
  6. Locate the column “Default Cleaner”, and for each home, specify which of the cleaners should be automatically assigned to the departure cleans. (If cleaners needed to be added to the system or updated, see “Adding & Updating Users” in the “Task Manager App” section to come).
  7. Press "Save".

Now that the system has been set up to automatically schedule departure cleans when new bookings are added, a default housekeeping Task Template can be assigned to each home. The system will automatically apply this template to the departure clean.

To select which Task Template will apply to departure cleans in each home:

  1. Scroll horizontally in Quick Setup to find the column grouping “Task Manager Default Templates”.
  2. Use the drop-down list under the column “Housekeeping” to specify which template should be used for departure cleans in each home.
  3. Click "Save".

NOTE #1: The defaults that were specified here are so that the cleans can be automatically added to the system and assigned to the best-fit cleaner for that home. It does not mean that the cleans are fixed at these dates with these cleaners. Everything can be modified after-the-fact, and will be covered in the next module of the user guide.

NOTE #2: In Quick Setup, see that the columns  “Work Order”, “Adv. Work Order”, and “Inspection” can be used to specify the default Task Tem plates for Maintenance and Inspections added to each home, just like was done for Housekeeping.



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