Task Manager user-accounts are handled in the same way as the legacy Service Logon system that precedes Task Manager. If staff already have accounts for Service Logon, they can use the same login details to access Task Manager.

To add and edit staff users:

  1. Navigate in the left menu to Management Company > CRM > Contacts.
  2. Click “+Add” to add a new user.
  3. Fill out the user’s personal details on the contact card. In order to have cleans assigned, the user must be given the category and sub-category “Cleaning”.
  4. Click “Add”.

Once the user has been added, complete optional additional information on the contact table, such as whether or not the user can be assigned inspections, owner account categories, and hourly costs for maintenance.

While not required to use Task Manager, these fields shouldn't be overlooked, as they will affect outcomes in accounting and other departments. Don't forget to save after editing within the table.

With users added and configured, they must be given user credentials to access Task Manager:

  1. Select the “Column Chooser” icon.
  2. Drag the “Contact ID” and “Portal Password” columns into the table by clicking, holding, and dragging them toward the heading row of the table. Release the mouse.
  3. The Contact ID is system generated and cannot be changed. Specify a unique portal password that will be used to log into the Task Manager App.
  4. Click "Save".

Add and configure all of the company's housekeepers, maintenance-people, and inspectors so that they can manage their assigned workloads in the Task Manager App.



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