The Reservations Calendar is a graph or tape-chart that displays all bookings for either all properties in the system, or the selected properties in one window. Bookings can be dragged and dropped to other available properties to maximize occupancy.

Each booking is color coded by category.


To access the Reservations Calendar, go to:

  1. Reservations
  2. Reservations Calendar

Select Properties

Before loading the calendar for all properties, additional filters can be applied to narrow down the results. For instance, to just see "5" Bedroom homes located in a specific community, the bedrooms and community can be selected.

Additionally, instead of loading all properties in the schedule which can increase the load-time, select properties can be chosen from the property drop-down filter.

Click on the applicable drop-down menus to choose the filters:

Color & View Settings

Before loading the calendar, specific settings and colors can be selected.

Each booking is color-coded by category. Select from the following options:

  1. Default Colors
  2. Use colors based on the booking category (this is recommended to make it easy to identity where each booking was supplied from)
  3. Owner versus Management Company bookings (choose a color for each type)

Next, the following settings can be configured, if applicable:

  1. Show day of week? - Keep this checked to see the day of the week at the top of the graph.
  2. Highlight selected days? - Keep this checked to see the highlighted arrival and departure dates when clicking on a booking in the schedule.  
  3. View Checked in/out Cleaned? - Check this setting to see guests that have checked in and if the property is clean. The first icon indicates that the property is clean, the second indicates that this guest has checked in, and the third indicates that they have checked out.
  4. Show payment status - Rather than using colors based on the settings above, enable this setting to display bookings as a progress bar, showing payment amount received as a percentage of total. For example, if the booking is fully displayed in red, then full balance is due, bookings in green have paid in full, and those displayed in orange and red have paid a partial amount.  
  5. Show if a reservation has flags set? - Check this setting to see if a booking has booking flags assigned. A flag icon will appear to indicate if the booking has a flag.
  6. Show two or three months per page - Choose how many months to view in the calendar.

After applying the filters and color settings, click "Load Reservations Calendar." Or if no filters are apply, click "Load Reservations Calendar" to load all properties.

Please note, if loading all properties into the table, it may take a little longer to load depending on the amount of properties.

Reservations Calendar Table

The grid displays the property name to the left and the bookings will appear in the window with the day of the month and the date at the top of the grid. To change the date range, click either the left or right arrow to navigate to the desired date period.

Click on a booking to view more information such as the guest name, Booking ID, arrival and departure date, or click to view the Total Booking Summary, Copy Booking, or Move a Booking.

Move a Booking

From the Bookings Schedule, bookings can easily be moved into another available home to maximize occupancy.

Click on a booking, and select "Move Reservation." Only homes with availability for the bookings arrival and departure dates will appear in this table. Select the applicable property and then click “Move to selected Property”

Alternatively, bookings can be dragged and dropped to other available properties to maximize occupancy from the Reservations Calendar table.

To move a booking, simply select it by clicking on it. It will highlight the date of arrival and the date of departure.

Drag and drop the booking into the applicable property to move it. A message will then appear to confirm.” Simply click “Yes” or “No.”

Please note, from the Bookings Schedule, bookings can only be moved into a different property. Dates can cannot be updated from the table. To update the dates of a booking, please open the Total Booking Summary and go to the "Manage Booking" tab.

Create Quotes or Bookings

The Reservations Calendar can also create quotes, bookings, and black-out dates. To do so, click on the “Add Booking” icon to the left of the Property Name. Choose to either run a quote or add a booking or black-out date.

To generate a quote, click on "Quote" and the quote window will appear. First, specify the desired date range, and then enter any other applicable filters such as pool heat or booking restrictions, and then click "Quote."

If the property is available for the selected date range, click the "Save" icon to save the quote and email it to the potential guest.

To add a booking or black-out, select the “Add Booking” icon and choose Add Booking / Blackout Date.

From the "Add Reservation" window, specify the following:

  1. Make sure the correct property is selected
  2. The type (reservation or black-out dates)
  3. Is the booking tentative? (meaning, not yet confirmed but a hold on the calendar)
  4. Arrival date
  5. Departure date
  6. Guest first and last name
  7. The booking category (Management Company is the default)
  8. Is it an owner reservation?
  9. Is it tax exempt?
  10. Use Length of Stay (LoS) Pricing?
  11. Does it have pool heat charged?
  12. Click "Add" to add the booking

Alternatively, to add a Stop Sale, or a black-out period for the selected property check “Blackout Dates,” enter the “Start Date & End Date” of this black-out period and a brief description. For example, “Painting Interior of House” and then click “Add.”

The system will not assign a departure clean for a blackout period, however, a clean can be added by going into the Housekeeping tab within the Blackout Summary and adding a clean if applicable.

When a booking is placed as a black-out, it cannot be reverted to a normal booking.



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