The multi-merchant feature allows a single CiiRUS Account to have multiple merchant processors configured. Each merchant account must remain active and in good standing if it is intended to be used. Having multiple merchant accounts allows the Property Manager to determine which merchant to use when processing payment based on the credit card type. This can be very beneficial to cherry pick which processor will give the best rate by type of card being processed.

Please keep in mind, a given account can still only have ONE currency configured, per each CiiRUS Account.  

Currently, CiiRUS is integrated to the following merchant processors:

  1. Vacation Rent Payment (VRP)
  2. Lynbrook Group
  3. Stripe
  4. Most direct processors (inquire with the bank).

The CiiRUS Account will still be linked to one default merchant which is connected in the backend by the CiiRUS Service & Support Team. It is important to note, the CiiRUS Account can only have one of each type of processor attached. i.e. one VRP account, one Stripe account, etc.

How to Map the Merchant to the Credit Card Type

If applicable, a card type can be linked to a certain merchant account. When that card type is processed in the system, it will link and process through the assigned merchant.

To map the merchant to the card type, go to:

  1. Global Settings
  2. Software Settings Assistant
  3. Navigate to 'Payment Processing Settings'

The table displays the accepted credit card types. Under the “Multi Merchant Gateway”, the connected merchants will appear to be mapped against the credit card.

Assign the applicable merchant, and then click the “Save” icon.

Once a payment is processed in the system, it is linked to the mapped merchant. Any future payments processed from that card will continue to process through the original merchant that was specified. This means, any new credit card payments can go through a different processor, while payments that have already been taken and are set to auto-process, can process through the old processor.  

To configure an additional merchant account, please reach out to the Service & Support Team to connect the merchant account to CiiRUS.



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