A quote can be generated, saved, and emailed to a potential guest directly in the CiiRUS System.

In addition to saving and sending one quote to the guest, the Property Manager can search for available units that meet the guest’s criteria and send them multiple quotes for the specified dates.

Generating a Quote

To generate a quote, use the Quick Actions menu:

  1. Click on Quick Actions
  2. Click get quote
  1. First enter the date range that the potential guest has requested by selecting the ‘Arrival” and “Departure” dates from the date-picker calendars.
  2. Click “Quote” to load the available units
  3. To apply additional filters, use the available options on screen.


Additional Filters

  1. To override the rate-set or use the default rates assigned to the unit
  2. To see any booking restrictions that have been entered against the property, click “Include Booking Restrictions”.
  3. If the guest has requested pool heat, click to Include Pool Heat
  4. Use the “Bedrooms” and “Sleeps” filters if the guest has requested a certain number of bedrooms or guests
  5. Choose a specific unit from the dropdown menu or check box to include all available units
  6. To apply the additional filters, click on Quote


Table Display

The table will display all the units that are available for the specified dates and that meet the criteria applied in the filter options.

See the Unit Name, Number of Bedrooms and Guests, location details, and the grand total of the quote.

Field Chooser

To add additional data to the column, click on the “Field Chooser” icon and simply drag and drop the column into the table

Filtering the Table

The table can be filtered to narrow down the quote results. For example, if the guest is looking for a 5 Bedroom property in “Bella Vida”, type “5” in the Bedroom Column and type “Bella Vida” in the Community column. Now it is easy to identity the available 5-bedroom properties in Bella Vida

How to View and Save the Quote

1.   To view further details of a quote for one unit, check the box on the left to highlight the the quote row.

2.   Click on "Save Selected Quotes"  

3.   A window will appear with a full breakdown of the quote including the base rental amount, any mandatory fees such as the cleaning fee and booking fee, the taxes, and the grand total. The nightly rental breakdown displays the rate per night in case the quote crosses seasons. The system will calculate the down-payment or the full balance depending on the balance due settings for the unit.

4.   To save the quote, click “Save quote” and enter the guest contact details and then click “Save.”

Saving Multiple Quotes

Alternatively, multiple quotes can be saved at once.

To do so,

  1. click the checkbox in the first column of the table to select the applicable properties.
  2. Click “Save Selected Quotes”
  3. A window will appear with a further breakdown of the quote for each selected property.
  4. Enter the guest details
  5. If it is an existing guest, click “Select Existing Guest” and search for the guest from the CRM Database using the applicable filters
  6. Click “Save”.

How to Locate a Saved Quote and Email to the Guest

After saving the quote, a pop-up will appear with the Quote ID and a message to view more details of the quote. Click “Yes” to view more details or “No” to view the details later

To locate a saved quote, go to:

  1. Reservations
  2. Saved Quotes
  3. Search for the quote by entering the guest name or Quote ID in the applicable column

Quote Summary

1.     To view more details of the quote, click on the “Quote Summary” icon to load the Total Quote Summary.

2.     The header displays basic information of the quote such as the ID, the Property, Arrival and Departure Dates, the Guest Name and email address.

3.     The first tab displays a breakdown of the booking rates, which can be modified by double clicking in the field.

4.     Before sending the quote to the guest, any extra’s that the guest has requested such as a BBQ Grill Rental or a Welcome Pack, can be added by clicking on the “Extras” Tab and then clicking “Add”.

5.     If a price has been negotiated with the guest, the grand total of the quote can be overridden by clicking on “Quote Actions” and then “Set Quote Total.” Type the total price including tax and then click “Process”. The system will automatically adjust the base rental rate and taxes accordingly.

Emailing a Quote

To email a quote to a guest,

Click on:

  1. Quote Actions
  2. Email Quote
  3. Specify the “Quote Template
  4. Enter the guest email. To enter multiple email addresses, add a comma and a space, followed by the next email.
  5. If the guest calls back later to confirm the booking, follow the steps above to locate the saved quote and then click “Quote Actions” and then “Convert Quote to Booking.” The system will automatically covert the quote into a confirmed booking and redirect to the Bookings Manager, where payment and guest details can be entered.

How to Email Multiple Quotes

To send multiple quotes in one email to the guest, follow the steps above to locate the saved quotes.

  1. Type the guest name under the “Guest” column to locate the saved quotes for this guest and
  2. Click the check-box within the first column to select the quotes.
  3. Click “Email Quotes” and
  4. Select the “Multi-Quote” template from the drop-down menu. Add additional guest email addresses if applicable and then
  5. Click “Send”.

The guest will receive an email with a break-down of the requested quote.


To modify the template, please go to Management Company > Newsletters & Templates and edit the template.

If the guest calls back later to confirm the booking, follow the prior steps to convert the quote into a booking.



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