This user guide will walk you through the process of creating reservation extras using the new organized layout in CiiRUS One.

Reservation extras, previously known as cart extras, allow you to include additional items or services to a reservation or quote. These extras can be mandatory, automatically applying to all quotes and reservations, or optional, giving guests the choice to add them to their stay. Examples of mandatory extras include "Accidental Damage Waiver," "Resort Fee," or "Property Protection," while examples of optional extras include "Pet Fee," "BBQ Grill," or "Welcome Pack."

Accessing the Reservation Extra Screen

Go to:

  1. Reservations & Pricing > Pricing
  2. Reservation Extras

The grid allows you to view a summary of any previously added extras and provides a read-only interface. You can edit an extra by clicking on the 'edit' button. Before we proceed with editing, let's review how to add a new extra using the following steps.

How to add a reservation extra:

  1. Above the extras grid, select the "plus" icon.
  2. A new row will appear, allowing you to enter details for the new extra.
  3. In the new row, locate the field labeled 'Code' and enter a unique code or abbreviation that represents the extra. (BBQ, PET, etc).
  4. In the same row, locate the field labeled "Description" and enter a detailed description of the extra.
  5. Click the "save" icon to save the new extra.

Edit an Extra

Once an extra is added, or to edit an existing extra, follow these steps:

  1. In the extras grid, find the row that corresponds to the extra you want to edit and select the "edit" icon.
  2. The grid editor will open, providing a dedicated window to configure the extra.
  3. Follow the steps in each panel to configure the settings as needed. Review and modify any relevant parameters, such as pricing, or restrictions based on your specific requirements. Helpful tool tips have been added to provide more details for certain settings.

Things to know:

  • Guests have the flexibility to add optional extras either through your website or GuestPass on the checkout page, by enabling these settings.
  • Mandatory extras are automatically included in all quotes and reservations, except for Airbnb reservations, as they have their own supported pass through fees.
  • Step Three, labeled as 'Conditions,' is exclusively available for optional extras and apply only to your website, providing specific settings and options.

How to Add a Discount Code

Discount extras allow you to provide guests with discount codes that can be used during the checkout process on your website. You can even include the code in automated emails to past guests or leads to encourage repeat bookings. The discount is calculated off the base rental rate. Follow the steps below to specify if an extra is a discount code and configure its settings accordingly.

  1. From the grid, locate the extra you want to configure as a discount code and click the 'edit' icon.
  2. In the editor, enable the 'Discount Code?' setting to indicate the extra is a discount code.
  3. Select the 'Optional' setting for the discount code extra. This ensures that the discount code can be applied only to applicable quotes and reservations, giving you or the guests the choice to use it.
  4. Enter the discount amount using a negative symbol (-) before the value. For example, for a 10% off discount, enter "-10" in the percentage amount field.
  5. Specify any other relevant settings and then select the 'Save' button. The editor will close, and the updated settings will be applied to the discount code extra.



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