It is very important to add all vendors and contacts into the system to fully utilize the Operations & Accounting Modules. All vendors that provide services to the Property Manager and/or Owner should be entered. For example, housekeepers, maintenance companies, utility companies, inspectors, booking agents, ect.


There are two ways to access the Contacts and Vendors screen:

  1. From the Software Settings Assistant
  2. From the CRM Module

To access this screen from the CRM, go to:

  1. Management Company
  2. CRM - Manage People
  3. Contacts

Adding a Contact/Vendor

  1. To add a contact, click "Add"
  2. Enter the contact details and assign the category and subcategory of the contact. For example, if it is a housekeeper, enter "Cleaning" as the category and the subcategory.
  3. Click Add
  4. Once the user has been added, complete optional additional information on the contact table, such as whether or not the user can be assigned inspections, owner account categories, and hourly costs for maintenance.
  5. If it is a vendor, click the checkbox within the "Show as Vendor" column. If it is an inspector, click the checkbox within the "Inspector" column.

How to Edit/Delete a Contact/Vendor

To edit a contact, simply click into the desired field within the table to make any changes.

To delete a contact, click the "trash" icon and then click "save" or click the "refresh" button to undelete.  

Task Manager Login

Housekeepers, maintenance, and inspectors can login to Task Manager to see the tasks assigned to them. Within their contact, locate their username and password to login to

With users added and configured, they must be given user credentials to access Task Manager:

  1. Select the “Column Chooser” icon.
  2. Drag the “Contact ID” and “Portal Password” columns into the table by clicking, holding, and dragging them toward the heading row of the table. Release the mouse.
  3. The Contact ID is system generated and cannot be changed. Specify a unique portal password that will be used to log into the Task Manager App.
  4. Click "Save".



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