Mailchimp is a third-party company (not affiliated to CiiRUS) that provides marketing tools, transactional emails, plus professional mobile-responsive email templates that can be imported into CiiRUS. It is recommended to use Mailchimp to create HTML email templates that can be fully branded, customized, and then imported into CiiRUS.

Please keep in mind, Mailchimp is NOT required to use CiiRUS. The Property Manager can use the CiiRUS Email template editor is preferred.

To get started, please click here to create an account with Mailchimp.


After creating an account with Mailchimp, email templates can be created. Depending on the monthly subscription chosen, different templates may be available. Mailchimp offers pre-built templates and themes, making it easier to customize and brand the email.

To get started, click on "Create" from the navigation menu and then select "Email template."

Next, select a starting point for the template, whether it be a pre-built layout, theme, or a code your own template. To make things easier, it is recommended to choose a layout or theme.

Create the Email Template

After selecting the theme or layout, it is very easy to customize the email template and brand it to the Property Manager's business.

For example, blocks can be added into the layout such as image blocks, text blocks, etc.

Click on an image block to upload a new image to insert into the template.

Click on the text blocks to replace the content.

Be sure to include the tokens from CiiRUS. This way, when the email is imported into CiiRUS, it can automatically send and dynamically populate with the data for each token.

It is recommended to type out the content of the email in the CiiRUS template editor with the tokens and then copy and paste it into Mailchimp. For more information on this, please click here to see the manual on Email Templates.

For more information on how to create an email template using Mailchimp, please click here to see Mailchimp's full Guide.

Import the Email Template into CiiRUS

After saving the email template in Mailchimp, it can be imported into CiiRUS in just a few simple steps.

  1. In Mailchimp, go to "Campaigns" and then select "Email Templates" to see all saved templates
  2. Click on the down-arrow next to the "Edit" button for the applicable template
  3. Select "Export as HTML"
  4. Locate the download from the Download folder on the computer
  5. Open the file in "Notepad" for Windows or "TextEdit" for Mac
  6. Select all of the HTML code and copy (right click > copy or "Ctrl + c")
  7. Create a new template in CiiRUS (Communications > Template Builder)
  8. Edit the template and click on the "HTML" icon from the tools
  9. Paste the HTML code (right click > paste or "Ctrl + v")
  10. Save the template

Before saving, click on the "HTML" icon again to see a preview of how the template looks.

As a reminder, the tokens will not populate until the email is sent out. A test email can be sent by setting up a rule in the CRM if it is a "CRM" category. Or if it is a "Guest Booking Confirmation" category, it can be tested by sending the email on demand from the booking.



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