The Reservations List is a list of all bookings for all properties in one table.

The Reservations List is a great way to quickly search for a booking by searching for the guest name or Booking ID. Please click here to read the full manual on the Reservations List.

In addition, the Reservations List is a very powerful tool for generating custom reports such as Arrival/Departure reports, Bookkeeping and Financial Reports, and other helpful reports that can be used by the reservation team.


The article linked above explains how to customize the Reservations List table.

To recap, to access the Reservations List, go to:

  1. Reservations
  2. Reservations List

The List displays all bookings for all properties in the system, based on the filters applied to the table. Please click here to read the full manual on the Reservations List.


Different types of reports can be generated from the List.

Some examples of reports are:

  1. Financial Report
  2. YoY Comparison Report
  3. Management Company Commission & Booking Fees Report
  4. Invoice Report for Tour Operator
  5. Channel Partner Revenue Report
  6. Balance Due Reports
  7. Cart Extra Reports

After creating a report with the desired columns and data, it can be saved to a folder on the computer and loaded back into CiiRUS next time. This saves having to create the same report over and over again.

It is recommended to create a shared folder on the computer called "CiiRUS Reports" and have sub-folders for each category, that various staff members can access.

For example, let's create a financial report for the entire year of 2020. To do so:

  1. Apply the desired rate (Jan. 1 2020 to Dec. 31 2020)
  2. Click the "Include" button
  3. Select the checkbox "Include Financials" and any other options from this list
  4. Click "Apply"

To increase the load time, by default only the first 50 bookings will appear in the table. To load all bookings, change the number below the table to "500." Please note, doing this will increase the load time.

All bookings within this date range will appear with all of the financial attributes for each booking.

Scroll over in the table to some more data such as; MC Commission, Rental rates with and without tax, cleaning fee, booking fee, etc.

For a balance due report, see the total amount of the booking, total paid, and the remaining balance.

To see the totals for each column, for instance, the total MC Commission for the entire year of 2020, right-click on the column footer (right below the column) and select the "Sum" or "Count." This is very similar to an Excel spreadsheet, where different formulas can be applied.

Customize the Report

Just like with any other table in CiiRUS, it can be customized; new columns can be added, columns can be removed, it can be sorted, grouped, or filtered by a column.

To customize the table, click on the "Column Chooser" icon. A window will open that displays all of the available columns that could be added into the table.

To add a column, simply click on the field and then drag it into the desired place in the table.

The same applies when removing a column, except, it will be dragged out of the table and dropped into the "Column Chooser" window:

Columns can be made smaller or larger by hovering over the Column Header and when the icon appears, move it in or out to make the column smaller or larger.

Export or Save the Report

After customizing the report with the desired data, it can be exported to Excel for further manipulation, or it can be saved as a template and loaded back into CiiRUS later.


To export the report, click the "Export" icon. An Excel file will download in the "Downloads" folder.

Save as a Template:

To save this report as a template on the computer, which can then be loaded back in later to save having to recreate it, click the "Save" button.

A new file will download in the "Downloads" folder. It is recommended to name this report and save it to the "CiiRUS Reports" folder for safekeeping.

Load a Report:

To load a previously saved report back in, click the "Load" button.

Select the applicable report from the folder.

If successful, a green message will appear to confirm that the report has loaded.

When loading in a report, enter the new desired date range and make sure to click "Include" and select financials or any other applicable items that were added upon creating the report.

Channel Partner Booking Report

Another popular report that can be generated from the Bookings List is a Channel Partner Booking report. This report can show how many bookings have been generated for any given month by a certain channel at what amounts. This can help the Property Manager determine which channels are performing the best.

To generate this report:

  1. Enter the desired date range
  2. Click "Include"
  3. Select "financials"
  4. Click "Apply"

Next, drag the "Category" column that displays the Booking Category above the table, where it displays "Drag a  column header here to group by that column." This will group all of the bookings by category, for example, all Airbnb bookings together, Vrbo, and so on.

To exclude a booking category from the report, select the "funnel" icon in the "Category" column and choose the applicable categories to display.

Right-click the column footer beneath the "Category" column and select "Sum." This will show how many bookings in each category there are:

Scroll over in the table to see financial data for each booking.

Follow the same steps above to customize, export, or save the report.

There are many types of reports that can be generated via the Bookings List. In fact, there are so many, it would be hard to document them all! For further assistance with generating reports using the Bookings List, please contact our Service & Support Team by submitting a ticket.



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