CiiRUS' CRM contains all past, present, and future guest records. This database can be located by going to: Management Company > CRM > Manage People.

The guest contacts can be exported from CiiRUS into an Excel file for further manipulation.


To export the guest records, go to:

  1. Operations
  2. Reports

From the list of reports, locate or search for "Guest Contacts/Export" from the "Miscellaneous" category:

Apply Filters to Generate the Report

Before exporting, use the filters above the table to specify which guest records to export.

  1. Specify to export guests arriving between the selected date range
  2. Specify to filter by a property type
  3. Specify to filter by a specific booking category
  4. Specify to include owner bookings or canceled bookings  
  5. Specify to export guest records with a confirmed booking or that have quoted
  6. Specify to filter by a specific cart extra
  7. Specify to filter by the property location
  8. Click "Load Data"


Once the filters have been applied, the table will load the results with the guest records. See basic information such as the Booking ID, dates, guest name, contact details, and property information.

To export the table to Excel, click the "export" icon:

A file named "GuestContacts" will appear within the Downloads folder. Select this file to open it with Excel.



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