There are several ways to search for a booking in CiiRUS. For example, if a guest called to add pool heat, or has a question about their booking, it is easy to quickly locate their booking in the system.

Search via the Bookings List

To quickly look up a booking via the Bookings List, go to:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Reservations
  3. Bookings List

Enter the Booking ID number or the guest first and/or last name in the search field. Then click "Search" and choose to search by the CiiRUS Booking Reference (Booking ID), Guest Name, Agent Booking Reference, or Imported Booking Reference:

For example, type the guest name, "John," and then search by Guest Name. The Bookings List will load all bookings where the guest name contains "John."

Searching this way via the Bookings List bypasses the date range that are applied. All bookings regardless of the date range will appear.

Search via Manage People

Another quick way to locate a guest or booking, is by using the "Search Bar" that appears on the top of every screen throughout the system.

No matter which screen or module is being worked in, simply click the "Search" icon at the top left of the screen:

Then type the last name of the guest, or the Booking ID number into the field.

This tool uses the last name of the guest to run the search. It will not work by entering the first name.

The system will redirect to the "Manage People" screen which holds the guest record within the CRM.

From here, click the "Person" icon next to the applicable guest record which will open the "Guest Details" window. This contains the contact information for the guest, as well as any past, present, and future bookings or quotes.

Click on the "Reservations & Quotes" panel to view bookings for this guest. Click the "TBS" icon to open the Total Booking Summary which displays all details of the booking

This method is a great way to quickly locate a guest, for example, if a past guest calls and wants to book the same property for new dates in the future, this tool provides a quick way to locate their past bookings to see which property they stayed in the past.



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