Depending on the booking source, the steps to process a booking vary slightly. This usually depends on who the merchant of record is (who processes the payment), either the Property Manager or the Channel/Agent.

Process Vrbo Bookings

For any bookings that are placed Vrbo (or any other channel where the Property Manager is the Merchant of Record), the booking can be treated like a direct booking.

When a Vrbo booking is placed, the system will auto-process the down-payment or full balance depending on the down-payment settings configured against the property. The processed payment will auto apply to the booking and capture the guest's credit card information to store on file. If payment was declined, the booking will still be placed, however, it will come through as a tentative booking, allowing the Property Manager to follow up for payment before confirming the booking.

Scenario 1: Booking was placed and payment was successfully processed

  1. The booking was placed on Vrbo and payment auto-processed and applied to the booking.
  2. The CRM emails will trigger to send out in sequence of the booking process (Booking Confirmation, Payment Reminder, Arrival Info, Thank you for Staying, etc)
  3. Upon the balance due date, the Property Manager can process payment in the TBS, send the payment link to the guest, or the system can auto-process the remaining balance

Scenario 2: Booking was placed and payment declined

  1. The booking was placed on Vrbo, but the payment was declined or there was an error with the credit card
  2. The booking will come through as tentative, meaning that it is not yet confirmed, and will revert into a "Saved Quote" if it is not confirmed before the expiration date
  3. The Property Manager will need to follow-up with the guest to collect a different payment method and then process the payment
  4. The Property Manager will need to open the Total Booking Summary and confirm the booking
  5. Once confirmed, the steps for Scenario 1 will apply

Process Airbnb Bookings

For bookings placed on Airbnb, TripAdvisor, or any other channel or OTA where the channel is the Merchant of Record, the Property Manager will not be responsible for collecting payment from the guest.

The booking will come into CiiRUS with the booking details and limited guest information, however, no credit card information is passed, since Airbnb is responsible from taking payment from the guest.

Typically, Airbnb pays out the Property Manager directly to their bank account upon departure date. To find out further payout information from Airbnb, please click here.

Once the Property Manager has been paid out by Airbnb and has received the payment in the bank account, it can be applied to the booking in CiiRUS to indicate that the guest has paid.

To do so, open the Total Booking Summary and go to the "Payments" tab.

Click the "Plus" icon and add the payout from Airbnb.

To see a detailed breakdown of the pricing information from Airbnb, click on the "Comments" tab.

This code is a breakdown of the pricing information and guest information sent from Airbnb:

The "expected payout amount accurate" shows the amount that the Property Manager should receive in their bank from Airbnb.

Process Love Rentals Booking

For users on the Love Rentals program, the process is the same as Airbnb, where Love Rentals is the Merchant of Record and processes payment from the guest.

Typically, Love Rentals pays out the Property Manager bi-weekly and will provide a report of all of the bookings and payouts.

Once the payment is received, the Property Manager will apply the payment to the booking in their system. To do so, please follow the steps above on how to apply an Airbnb payment to the Total Booking Summary.



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