A tentative booking is essentially a hold on the property's availability calendar. The booking is not yet confirmed, but the dates on the calendar will show as booked to prevent a booking for the specified dates.

By default, a tentative booking will expire after three calendar days and then revert into a "Saved Quote," releasing the hold on the calendar. The expiration date can be set on a per booking basis.

A tentative booking can be placed if the guest needs a few days to decide and the Property Manager has agreed to hold the dates, or, a booking may show as tentative if it was placed on Vrbo, but the payment declined. This gives the Property Manager chance to follow-up with the guest to collect a new payment method before confirming the booking.

It is important to look out for tentative bookings that come through Vrbo to prevent the booking reverting into a quote if it is not confirmed in time.

Locate a Tentative Booking

If a tentative booking is placed from Vrbo, it will show within the Notifications panel. To access the notifications, click on the "Bell" icon at the top left of the screen:

Tentative bookings will also appear in the Bookings Manager and the Bookings List, highlighted in bright red.

In the Bookings List, be sure to click on "Include" and select "Tentative bookings."

How to Confirm a Tentative Booking

To confirm a tentative booking, click on the "three-dot" icon and select "Total Booking Summary."

Next, select the "General" tab and click "Confirm" to convert the tentative booking into a confirmed booking:

Expiration Date

Follow the steps above to open the Total Booking Summary. Within the "General" tab, the expiration date can be changed. Simply select the date-picker and choose the expiration date:

To expire the tentative booking, which will convert it into a "Saved Quote," click "Expire" and then click "Yes" to confirm.

If a booking expires by mistake, go to "Saved Quotes" under "Reservations & Quoting" and convert it back into a booking from the quote. For more information on this, please click here to read the "Saved Quotes" manual.

How to Add a Tentative Booking

To add a new tentative booking, go to:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Reservations
  3. Bookings Manager

Then click on "Add Booking" and enter the information. Be sure to click the "Tentative" checkbox and sets the expiration date upon adding it.



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