For new users that have joined CiiRUS, our Data Migration Team will import past bookings to ensure that the calendars are up to date prior to going live.

Once the bookings are imported, it is crucial to complete an audit to ensure the accuracy of each booking to prevent any financial discrepancies or errors.

There are nine steps to complete the booking audit via the Total Booking Summary.

Additionally, blackout bookings are not included in the import. Blackouts must be added prior to going live on the channels to ensure the calendar is up to date.


The booking audit can be done via the Bookings Manager or the Bookings List.

If using the Bookings List, be sure to enter a wide date-range to include all of the imported bookings.

Locate the booking and either double-click to open the Total Booking Summary, or select the "three-dot" icon and click "Total Booking Summary."

Booking Audit Checklist

It is recommended to complete the audit in the following order:

1. TBS Header - Click on the blue "i" icon next to the guest name and add their contact details, address, and any other guest information.

2. TBS Header - Ensure that the correct booking category has been assigned to the booking. To change the category, click on the category dropdown and choose the new one.

3. Extras Tab - Add any additional booking extras. (These are not imported, so it is important to make sure any additional booking fees have been applied).

4. Rates Tab - Ensure that all applicable financial details are specified and accurate including:

  1. Base Rental Rate
  2. Cleaning Fee
  3. Booking Fee
  4. Pool Heat
  5. Extras
  6. Taxes
  7. Grand Total

To update any of the financial information, simply select and type within the field, or to override the grand total of the booking including taxes, click "Booking Actions" > "Set Booking Total," and enter the new amount.

5. Rates Tab - Specify the Property Manager's commission by clicking on percentage and ensure that the commission is accurate. Or enter the fixed commission amount. Keep in mind, if using a percentage, it is calculated off of the base rental amount.

6. Rates Tab - Edit the percentage of cleaning fee due to the MC to 100% if the Property Manager retains the cleaning fee. (if the owner retains the cleaning fee, leave as 0% due to MC)

For imported bookings, it automatically defaults to 0% of the cleaning fee retained by the Property Manager, so it is important to update this for future bookings to ensure that the payment due to the owner is correct.

For new bookings placed, the percentage of the cleaning fee retained by the Property Manager will be whatever is configured against the property in the Property Assistant.

7. Payments Tab - Add payment that has already been paid by the guest, if applicable.

8. House Keeping Tab - Ensure that the standard end of stay clean is added to the booking & add any additional cleans, if applicable.

9. Comments Tab - Enter any applicable booking comments  

Repeat these nine steps for each booking that was imported.

It is the Property Manager's decision on whether or not to audit past bookings, but it is especially important to audit present and future bookings where payment has not yet been disbursed to the owner. Not completing the booking audit, could lead to financial errors on the Owner Statements.

Blackout Bookings

Blackout bookings such as "Property under Maintenance," or "Non-Bookable Period," are not included in the booking import. It is important to add blackout bookings prior to going live to prevent double-bookings.

To add a blackout booking, go to:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Reservations
  3. Bookings Manager

Select the applicable property from the Property Chooser:

Click on "Add Booking."

Specify "Blackout Dates," enter the dates, and a description of the blackout, and then click "Add."

To ensure that the property's calendar is up-to-date, from the Bookings Manager, choose the property and select "Calendar."

The availability can also be viewed for all property's using the Bookings Schedule, which is a graph/tape-chart view. Please click here to read the full manual on the Bookings Schedule.



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