In addition to text and email verification, CiiRUS can now be securely accessed with Google Authenticator. Once the setup instructions here have been completed, there is no need to wait for an email or text message to securely access your CiiRUS account. This will take a few minutes to set up for the first time, but once configured, logging into CiiRUS will be easier than ever.

Video Tutorial

To view the video tutorial, please click on the screen below

Downloading the Google Authenticator App

. To use this login method, first download the free Google Authenticator App from the iOS App Store or Android Google Play store.

Changing the Verification Method to Google Authenticator


  1. Click the User icon in the top-right
  2. Select User Details
  3. Select the “Google Authenticator” radio button
  4. Click on "Select Google Authenticator"
  5. Click Save

Scanning the Barcode

Check for an email from that will contain a QR code

Open the Google Authenticator App and select “Begin Setup”

Then, select “Scan barcode”. This will open the phone’s camera, to scan the QR code from the email.

There will now be a six-digit code in the Google Authenticator dashboard. This code will automatically change every 30 seconds.

Logging in to Ciirus using Google authentication code

Going forward, the code that appears here will be the verification code used for logging into CiiRUS instead of any email or SMS message verification

Secure system access is very important to the CiiRUS Team. We are excited to keep this process free of delays and hassles so that management companies can login quickly and securely



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