Let’s take a look at how to navigate the system, the system short-cuts, and the icons.

The logo at the top-left corner is a short-cut to return to the At a Glance page from any screen

  1. Clicking the House icon will open the “Owner and Property Overview” where all homes that have been loaded to the account will appear. This screen can also be accessed by clicking the “F7” shortcut on the keyboard.
  2. Select a home from the dropdown chooser to see brief information about the homeowner, the home, and the image gallery.
  3. Click on View on Website, to directly view the property listing on the website.

The Bell icon will open the Notification Panel. System messages, such as new booking notifications will appear. Click on a notification to view more details.

The profile icon located at the top right of the screen, displays the company username and company account number, the screen also displays the username of the staff member currently logged in to the account. This menu also lets the user update the password, view the CiiRUS One Documentation User Guide, Edit the User Details, access to the Theme Builder and lets the user sign-out of the account.

The software is Multi-Lingual, additional languages will be added in due course. To change the current language, click on the top right language drop down and select another available language from the list.

The left menu items are collapsible and expandable.

1.    To expand a menu item, click on the Forward Arrow

Each sub menu may also contain additional sub menus,

2.    Clicking the Submenu Arrows will open the additional sub menus

  1. The interface view area can be expanded. To view the interface in full-screen mode, toggle the Full Screen Icon. Toggle again to revert to the previous view
  2. To minimize the left-menu click on the Menu Toggle Icon. Only the menu icons will be displayed. Toggle the icon again to view the full menu item display

Both of the above,  enable to the user to expand the work space, this can be useful in certain situations for example where lists contain many columns or contain many rows

3.    The Refresh Button reloads the current page and updates the current data



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