Theme Builder can be used to change the color of  text and backgrounds in the CiiRUS One User Interface. There are various preset color themes to choose from.

Custom themes can also be created.

Accessing the Theme Builder

From the top right:

  1. Click on the User Icon
  2. Select Theme Builder


Selecting a Preset Theme

There are a variety of preset themes to choose from. To select a theme from the list,

  1. Check the box to the right of the Theme Name

How to create a custom color theme.

  1. Click the New Theme button
  2. Type a Theme Name
  3. Click here to allow other users in the company to access this theme

To change a color, click on a color swatch and drag the mouse around the Color Palette, or select the HEX Code and right click to copy it to the clipboard. Once copied to the clipboard, this color can be pasted in to any other color swatch

Once the theme has been modified, scroll to the bottom and click Save

Editing Themes

Some Themes in the list can not be edited, but can be exported, however, a user can create an an unlimited amount of custom themes.


To edit a pre existing theme:

  1. Click the Edit Theme Icon to the right of the theme name
  2. Once the theme has been modified, scroll to the bottom and click Save

Exporting / Importing a Theme

Themes can be Exported either from the Presets, or from Custom Themes. When pressing the Export Button (See Below) the selected theme will be copied to the clipboard.

To Export a Theme:

  1. Press the Export Button to the right of the Theme Name
  2. Click the New Theme Button
  3. Give the Theme a name

Importing a Theme

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and press the Import Button

When the import window appears, right-click in the blank area and select Paste, then press the Import Button

Then click Save.



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