The Blog Feature is a great way to update new content on the website in order to boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The blog allows the Property Manager to provide content such as things to do in the area, local attractions, theme parks, etc., to past, present and future guests. When utilized correctly, adding frequent blog posts, can increase traffic to the website, therefore, more direct booking.

Below is an example of a demo blog to see what it looks like:

How to Add a Blog Post

To access the blog, go to:

  1. Websites
  2. SEO
  3. Blog Posts

Before adding a new post, blog categories must be configured. Categories help users find information when the data is displayed in a logical order.

Click on the "Categories" button.

  1. Click on the Plus button to add a new row
  2. Enter the New Category name
  3. Press Save
  4. To delete a category, press the Trash icon button next to the Category

Once the categories are added, to add a new blog post,

  1. Press the Plus button to add a row
  2. Select a  Category from the dropdown chooser
  3. Enter the Date
  4. Enter the Title
  5. Press Save

How to Add /Edit the Title Information

   Click on the Title field to add, or edit the Blog Item Title Information. Press Save to store your entry.


Enable / Disable Blog Entry

In order for the blog post to appear on the website, the post must be enabled. Scroll to the right of the table, and click the checkbox to either enable to disable the blog. Keep in mind, this does not delete the entry, but the post will not appear on the website unless enabled.

Edit the Blog Post

To add or edit the content of the blog post, click the Edit Blog Guide icon

Enter the content and images to appear on the blog post in the Edit Blog Guide Window. To add images, first the images must be uploaded to the system.

Then, within the blog editor, click the Image Icon to add the image.

The blog tools are similar to Microsoft Word, where the text can be formatted by the font colors, size, ect.

Click "Save" to save the changes of the blog.



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