The Site Map is an index of all the website pages and plays an important role for the search engines. When the search engine robot crawls the website, it will scan all the links and pages. When a website is database driven, the robot would normally not find the individual property pages as these are generated when a user searches and clicks on a property page. The robot cannot click and is therefore unable to read the page.

The Site Map creates a link to every active property web page. When the robot scans the site map, it can navigate and read the content of every property web page listed on your website.

The property pages play an important role as each page may contain useful text matching a user search term. For example, a user may have typed in the search term:

Golf Orlando Florida

One of your properties may be close to a Golf Course in the location of Orlando, Florida. The keywords may also have appeared in the page title, description, keywords, and in the first paragraph of the property description text a few times. This would be a good match for the search engine and may display the result to the user.

Text or other links can be added to the top of the Site Map page if required.

Below is a link to a sample Site Map page:

The Site Map is automatically generated and updated from the default pages, custom web pages, and property details pages. The Site Map navigation must be visible in order for the search engine robots to crawl the website and will be added to the footer of the website by default.

How to Add Text to the Page

Content can be added to the top of the Site Map page. All content will appear on top of the website links.

To add text, go to:

  1. Website & Marketing
  2. SEO
  3. Site Map
  4. Add content to the window
  5. Click "Save"



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