What are Page Redirects?

Search engines have systems that visit every page of every registered domain name at intervals regularly. This allows them to remember what pages the site has and what content/ranking each page and website should have in the search results for various key words searched by users.

What is a 301?

In the simplest of terms, a 301 redirect is a permanent redirect from one URL to the other.

The Page Redirects in CiiRUS are used to tell search engines that they should not forget the content they are expecting at a certain page URL, but instead remembers to look in this new location from now on. This helps retain historic SEO content for certain keywords. This is useful for new CiiRUS customers to retain the SEO they had built from their website of their previous hosting solution.

This is also useful for users wanting to re-brand their company, change domains (contacting CiiRUS is required for this scenario), or it can also be useful for users that have moved content to another page, or new and consolidated multiple pages.

How to Redirect a Page

To access the Page Redirects tab, click:

  1. Website & Marketing
  2. SEO
  3. Page Redirects

The table displays the following:

  1. Source Page: (Original URL, before a Redirect has been applied).
  2. Redirect to Page:  (Destiation of the new URL).

To add a redirect,

  1. Click the "Plus" icon to create a new row
  2. Enter the "Source page name" and the "Redirect page name" 
  3. Click the "Save" icon
  4. To delete the redirect, click the "Trash" icon

For example, if the original source page was www.abcmanagement.com/about-us-page.html

the relative path for this page would be:


If the new CiiRUS web page was www.abcmanagement.com/aboutus.apsx

the "Redirect to Page" would be:


The 301 redirect in this case will take the requested invalid page of:


and will respond to the user with the following page instead:




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