In addition to the general property features/amenities that the system offers for the channel platforms, additional features can be created for the website. For example, a custom feature could be created for "Mountain View," or "Ski-Resort Home."

The features will show on the property details page on the website. The feature can also be added to the "property filters" section on the search page. This will allow a guest to enter dates and also select a feature to see all available properties for those dates and filters.

A custom icon can be created to go a long with the feature, and then the feature can be assigned to the applicable properties.

How to Configure Custom Website Amenities

To create a custom property feature, go to:

  1. Websites
  2. General Settings
  3. Custom Website Amenities

A new web page will open within the browser to add/edit the custom features. There are three steps to create and assign the features:

  1. Create and upload an icon
  2. Create a title and description for the feature
  3. Assign the feature to the applicable properties

How to Create & Upload the Icon

Any icon can be used to represent the feature. It must be 16px by 16px and a PNG file.

It is recommended to use Flat Icon as many different types of icons are available:

Once the desired icon is found, save the PNG (16px x 16px) image to a file on the computer.

Within the web page to add the custom features, click on "Upload Icons" and then "Browse."

Choose the icon from the folder and then click "Upload."

Once the icon has successfully uploaded, click "Edit Icons" to go back to the main screen.

How to Create the Title & Description

Icons without a title will not display on the website. It is important to specify a title and description.

To do so,

  1. Select the icon from the check-box in the first column
  2. Click "Update Feature Title"
  3. Enter the title and the description
  4. Click "Update Titles"

Please do not include spaces in the title. For example, instead of entering "Mountain View," enter "Mountain-View."

How to Assign the Feature

Properties can be assigned to the feature, by:

  1. Select the feature using the check-box in the first column
  2. Click "Assign to Properties"

On the next page,

  1. Re-select the feature from the list under "Available Features to Assign"
  2. Select the property from the drop-down menu
  3. Click on "Update Property"
  4. Confirm by clicking "Update Property"
  5. Repeat for each property and feature

To see which features have already been assigned to the property, select the property from the drop-down and see the assigned features under "Currently Assigned Features to this Property."

How to Delete a Feature from a Property

Follow the steps above to assign a feature to a property, but click on "Remove Features."

How to Add the Feature to the Website

Once the custom feature has been assigned to the properties, it will automatically reflect on the property page of the website under the "Property Features" section. However, to add the feature to the search page where a guest can search for available properties that includes the feature, please contact the Website Team to program the feature onto the search page.

Please note, there will be a fee of $10 per feature to add it to the search page.



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