Once a property is added and assigned to the relevant homeowner, it cannot be undone or moved to another owner without creating a new property. Perhaps the ownership has changed or a mistake was made upon adding and assigning the owner.  The steps below explain how to duplicate a property to transfer it to a new owner.

How to Change the Owner

A new property must be created in order to assign a new owner. To save time, the original property can be copied and assigned to the new owner which will copy all of the configuration for the property. Future bookings will also need to be moved to the new property and it will need to be re-synced with the channels. Once this is done, the old property can be deleted from the system.

First, to make a copy of the property go to,

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. Assistant

Select the property that needs to be transferred to a new owner from the Property Chooser drop-down and select "Copy Selected Property."

The "Copy Property" window will open. Select the applicable owner from the drop-down or click "Create New Owner" if the new owner has not been added yet. Be sure to click "Save."

It is recommended to leave the word "Copy of" before the Property Name to easily reference that this is the new property. It can be renamed once the transfer is complete.

Once the property has copied, go through each page of the Property Assistant to ensure that everything has copied correctly.

Copy the Bookings

Keep in mind, when copying a property, the bookings are not copied over. All applicable bookings will need to be moved from the original property to the new one.

To copy the bookings, go to:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Reservations
  3. Bookings Manager

Select the original property from the Property Chooser. To move the booking, either right-click or click on the "three-dot" icon and select Move Booking:

The "Move Booking" window will open. Select the "Copy of" property to move the booking into and click "Move."

Repeat the above steps for each applicable booking. Since the property is being moved to a new owner, only future bookings may apply.

It is also recommended to place a "Blackout" date in the original property to prevent new bookings from the date it went off management with the original owner.

Other Tips

  1. Owner Account - Since the old owner is no longer under management, it is recommended to close the owner account for the old property, so the ending balance is $0.00 and any payments to/from the original owner have been made. Since a new property is created, the new owner will have a fresh owner account and this way does not have access to any of the previous owner's financial data.
  2. Channel Management - Ensure that the old property is longer synced on the website or channel platforms, and then relist the new property on the channels. Please contact the Support Team for assistance with this, if needed.
  3. Owner Portal - Send the "Welcome Email" to the new owner so that they can login to the Owner Portal.
  4. Delete the Old Property - Once everything is set, the old property can be deleted and the "Copy of" can be removed from the new property's name.

Keep in mind, it is not recommended to delete the old owner from the system as all financial information will be lost and CANNOT be retrieved.



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