Properties can be deleted from CiiRUS which will then archive them in case historical data needs to be accessed. Deleted properties can still be viewed within the system and be included on various reports.

There are three steps to complete to delete a property:

  1. Cancel or move future bookings
  2. Close the Owner Account
  3. Delete the property from the system

Step One: Cancel or Move Future Bookings

Cancel Bookings:

To cancel a booking, go to:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Reservations > Bookings Manager > Select the property from the 'Property Chooser'
  3. Open the Total Booking Summary (TBS) for the applicable booking > Zero out all totals and payments
  4. Close out of the TBS > Right Click > Select Cancel Booking

Move Future Bookings:

To move future bookings into another compatible property, follow the steps above to access the Bookings Manager.

Right-click on the booking and select "Move Booking." Then select the applicable property from the list and click Move.

Once bookings have been cancelled or moved for all forward bookings as of off management date, enter a black-out reservation. The description can be something along the lines of:

Property No Longer on Management as of  March 2021

Step Two: Close the Owner Account

It is important to close the Owner Account by making sure no payments are due to or from the owner.

To do so, go to:

  1. Accounting Functions
  2. Owner Account
  3. Select the Property from the Property Chooser
  4. Ensure the balance due to the owner / due from the owner is equal to $0.00

Now that any future bookings have been cancelled or moved and the Owner's Account has been closed, the property can be deleted from the system.

Step Three: Delete/Archive a Property

To delete/archive a property, go to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Properties
  3. Quick Setup

From the table, locate the applicable property to be deleted, and click on the "Trash" icon from the last column of the table.

When the Warning window appears, carefully read the message on the screen.

After verifying that the right property has been selected, click the 'yes' button to finalize removal. (Remember, the property can still be accessed)

If live or future bookings still exist in the selected property, the system will not allow it to be deleted. The bookings must be removed or moved into another property first.

When deleting a unit, you will still have access to view historical booking and financial data. Also, deleting a unit will automatically remove the listing from all channels.

How to Access Deleted Properties

Once a property has been deleted, it can still be accessed to see historical data.

To do, click on the drop-down menu in the top left menu bar under the User Profile and toggle ON the "Show Deleted Properties" option:

Deleted properties will now be included within the "Property Chooser" menu in various places in the system, such as the Property Assistant, Bookings Manager and Owner Accounts. The "Deleted" column will appear in the table, with a checkbox to show the deleted properties.

Note: it is recommended to NOT delete the Owner Profile or Record, by doing this, all financial information is removed from the account.

Therefore, all Owner Records cannot be archived and must remain in the system.



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