Advanced Unit Setup is a great tool for viewing and editing multiple property settings in one screen. Keep in mind, a lot of these settings can also be found within the Listing Assistant and may have already been completed. Any data that is entered in the Listing Assistant will also populate in Advanced Unit Setup and vice versa.

The settings that can be viewed/edited from the table include, General, Location, Website, Housekeeping, Financial, and Task Manager settings.


To view the Advanced Unit Setup screen, go to:

  1. Owners & Listings
  2. Listings
  3. Advanced Unit Setup

How to Add Additional Settings to the Table

Above the table, click on "Filters" and select the settings to add into the table, and then click "Apply" to refresh:

Additional columns can also be added to the table using the column chooser:

General Settings

The General settings category contains the settings that determine the various features and arrangement for each home.

These settings include the number of "Bedrooms" and "Bathrooms", "Bedroom Configuration", "Sleeps", as well as amenities such as" Pool", "Spa", "Games", or "Free Gas."

Within the "Arrival/Departure Info" field, enter specific arrival information about the property such as parking instructions or directions. A token can be used on the "Arrival Information" email to the guest to pull this data.

Enter "Booking Restrictions" such as "No Bachelor parties allowed," or "Owner does not allow large groups over 8 to book," for internal reference when quoting a property in the system.

Just like with housekeeping, where an end-of-stay clean can be automatically be assigned for each booking, the same can apply with inspections. To automate Inspections, the default inspector and inspection type can be selected from the table.

Once the inspector has been added to the contact/vendor list, select the applicable "Default Inspector" (1) against each property.

Then, specify "End of Stay Inspection" as the "Scheduled Inspection Type for New Booking" (2). When a new booking is placed, an inspection will automatically be assigned to the default inspector and type of inspection.

If left as "Not Specified," the system will not schedule and assign the inspection against the booking.

Keep in mind, the automated inspection date is always the departure date of the booking. Therefore, if a "Pre-Arrival" inspection was selected as the "Scheduled Inspection Type for New Booking" the date would need to manually be updated to the arrival date in the booking.

Location Settings

The Location settings category contain settings that determine the property's location.

The "Tax Location" (1) settings control how taxes are applied to a booking based on the property's local tax laws. This is very important to specify to prevent any financial discrepancies.

If applicable, specify the "Time Zone" (2) of the property.

Website Settings

The Website Settings are used to control certain settings pertaining to the website.

For instance, if the property is active in the system, but should not be shown on the website, disable the checkbox under "Show on MC Website" column.

Certain things like the Quoter, Rates Table, and Availability Calendar can be hidden on the website, by disabling the checkbox.

The "Headline" (for VRBO), the "Property Title" and the "Plain Text Description" can be added or edited directly from the table. Keep in mind, if anything is changed here, it will automatically update and reflect in the Property Assistant.

Housekeeping Settings

The Housekeeping setting allows the Property Manager to determine the cleaning amount that gets charged to the owner or guest, and assign the default cleaner for the property.

With the check box checked in the in the Force Housekeeping (1), the software will always schedule a clean to the end of any booking made for that property.

The Housekeeping Fee (2) column is the amount that is charged to the owner for a clean. For example, if the owner stays in the property, a cleaning fee can be charged on their account.

Within the Default Cleaner (3) column select a different default cleaner for each property. If left as <Select Cleaner>, the software will refer to the global setting for the default cleaner.

Financial Settings

The Financial Settings allows the Property Manager to update the global default finance settings for each property.

Enter the default "Currency" (1) to display and calculate for the property. This currency setting is for the user's benefit and does not necessarily represent the currency displayed on the website.

The "Do You do Monthly Taxes?" (2) column  determines how taxes are managed by the software. Check the box if the Property Manager remits the taxes for the property, and therefore, the tax will be included on the tax reports that are generated by the system. If unchecked, that software will exclude the property from Tax Reports / Processing.

The "Override Min Account Bal?" (3) and "Override Owner Account Amount" (4) columns allow the minimum owner account setting for each property to be overriden. Simply check the box next to the property and enter the amount to override with. The minimum owner balance will now be unique for that property.

SuperSite Settings

The SuperSite settings determine what permissions are granted for SuperSite bookings.

  1. The "Rental Compliant?" column determines whether or not the property is rental compliant. By checking the box in this column, the agent is aware that the property is rental compliant.
  2. "Enforce AOA stop-sale" - enable this setting so the system can automatically place a stop sale / blackout date on the AOA unit once all associated units are booked. Please ensure that the AOA Category has been assigned to all associated units, so the system knows when to place the stop-sale. 
  3. The "Master Agent Site Enabled?" column determines the properties availability on any agent website that the property is assigned to.

Please note: For any property being streamed to Tourico Holidays all four check boxes must be checked.

Task Manager Settings

If the system has been set up to automatically schedule departure cleans when new bookings are added, a default housekeeping Task Template can be assigned to each home. The system will automatically apply this template to the departure clean.

To select which Task Template will apply to departure cleans in each home:

  1. Scroll horizontally in Quick Setup to find the column grouping “Task Manager Default Templates”.
  2. Use the drop-down list under the column “Housekeeping” to specify which template should be used for departure cleans in each home.
  3. Click "Save".

See that the columns  “Work Order”, “Adv. Work Order”, and “Inspection” can be used to specify the default Task Templates for Maintenance and Inspections added to each home, just like was done for Housekeeping.

Delete a Property

Properties can be deleted/de-activated from the system by clicking the "Trash" icon in the last column of the table.

Keep in mind, once a property is deleted it can still be accessed in the archived list to view historical data.



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