The Display Options relate to the CiiRUS Website and is where certain features can be hidden or enabled for the listing page on the website. These settings include enabling the availability calendar, the rates table, the review facility and how many rows/columns to display within the availability calendar. Again, these settings relate to the listing details page on the website.


To edit the display settings, go to:

  1. Websites
  2. General Settings
  3. Display Options

The settings are specific to the selected unit. Select the applicable unit from the "Unit Chooser" drop-down:

Availability Calendar

The Availability Calendar is a graphical representation of the availability of the selected unit.

To show the availability on the website, click "Show availability calendar."

To hide the calendar, uncheck the box.

Month Rows & Columns

The Availability Calendar will display as a series of months arranged in columns and rows.

The amount of columns and rows can be selected to display on the website. Select the desired values next to "Number of month rows to display" and "Number of month columns to display "

Calendar on the Website

From the above example, see the Availability Calendar is enabled and is set to display 3 month columns and 3 month rows of availability.

From the image below, this is how the calendar would appear on the website:

Rental Rates

The unit's rental rates can be displayed on the website in a table, to show the guest various seasons and the pricing.

To display the rates currently set to the unit, check the box next to "Show rental rates." To hide the rates table from view, uncheck the box.

Rate Notes

The rate table displayed on the  details page will include the rate bands currently set to the unit, but may not be an accurate measure of the cost of a rental.

Property managers and agents may include booking fees or other mandatory extras in addition to the daily or weekly rates. Use the text box below to enter any additional information about the rental pricing.

Notes entered into this box will display on the unit description page right above the rental rates table.  

Rates on the Website

If the "Show rates list on website" box is checked, the rates table (similar to the one seen below) will be displayed on the property page:

Rates Seen from Website

Property Quoter

The guest is able to generate a quote directly from the website.

To enable this feature, check the box next to "Show quoter on website."

To hide this feature from view, uncheck the box.

Please note, this feature is specific to the older style DCR Website Templates that were retired in 2014. If the website has been built since then, please reach out to the Website Team to hide the quoter on the property details page.

Property Quoter Seen from Website

With the quoter enabled, the guest can click the Quote button (similar to the one seen below)

Clicking this button will provide a rough estimate of the cost to rent the property for the specified Arrive and Depart dates.

Property Quoter Seen from Website

Guest Reviews

The Guest Reviews feature is an area on the property description page where guests can review the property they just stayed in and give it a rating (1-5 stars).

To enable guest reviews, check the box next to "Allow Guest Reviews." To hide this feature, uncheck the box.

Guest Reviews on the Website

With Guest Reviews enabled, a panel (similar to the one seen below) will appear on the property description page.

Please Note: even with the guest reviews enabled, all reviews must first be approved before displaying on the website.

To approve reviews, go to the Reviews and Ratings tab from the SEO screen, under Website & Marketing.

Download Ready Booking Form

This is an older setting relative to the older DCR Style Templates that were retired in 2014. Therefore, please disregard this setting:



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