With the eCiiGN Module, property managers can create documents that can electronically be signed by guests, owners, and staff members to prevent disputes before they happen. An electronic signature, or e-signature is used for the signatory to sign documentation agreeing to the contents of a document.

The following eCiiGN Documents can be created in CiiRUS:

  1. Guest Rental Agreement
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Management Contract
  4. Rental Supplier Agreement
  5. Credit Card Authorization Form
  6. Staff Member NDA
  7. Work Order Approval

Please note, it is $1/eCiiGN document sent from CiiRUS, regardless of if the document is signed or not. This fee will be invoiced monthly from the credit card on file.


Please note, the following criteria must be met in order to send an eCiiGN Document from CiiRUS:

  1. The outbound emails must be configured and either connected to the SMTP or Mandrill.
  2. A CiiRUS website with an SSL certificate is required. When the guest receives the document to sign, the document will open within the website. The SSL Certificate provides secure, encrypted communications between the website and the internet browser the user is utilizing.
  3. eCiiGN must be enabled for your account.

How to Create an eCiiGN Document

To create an eCiiGN document, go to:

  1. Communications
  2. Template Builder

To create a new document, click "New Template" and enter the "Description," "Email Subject," and assign one of the eCiiGN categories. Click "Save."

To edit the template, click on the "Three-dot" icon and then "Edit Template."

The designer/edit email template window will appear, where the content of the email can be applied.

Depending on the eCiiGN Category that has been applied, different tokens are available. A token is essentially a smart-tag where it will populate with the data. For example, the "signature" token, will create a field for the recipient to electronically sign.

The following tokens can be used to create an eCiiGN document:


One of either signature or initials is required in the template for the eCiiGN request to be processed.

Tips to Configure the eCiiGN Document:

  1. Do NOT include HTML or special characters.
  2. All changes should be done inside the CiiRUS template editor.
  3. Copying from external sources (such as Word or PDF documents) is not recommended since the template might break, causing the document not to open once sent.
  4. If copying information from external sources, make sure to remove special formatting by pasting into a Plain Text Editor (like Notepad) first and then copy it into the CiiRUS Template Editor.
  5. Images are supported, including the "Logo" token.
  6. Avoid adding special characters in the Email Template Subject.

Be sure to click the "Save" button to save the changes to the eCiiGN document.

How to Send an eCiiGN Document

Guest Rental Agreement

The "Rental Agreement" sent to the guest, can automatically be sent via the CRM on the desired date. Please click here for more information on how to configure the CRM.

Alternatively, the "Rental Agreement" can manually be sent from the booking, by going to:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Either Bookings Manager, Booking Schedule, or the Bookings List
  3. Open the Total Booking Summary
  4. General Tab
  5. Rental Agreement

To send a new agreement for the applicable booking, click on "New" and then specify the template, the expiration date, the email address of the guest, a message (if applicable) and then click "Create."

The table below, will display all documents that have been sent against this booking. The system will automatically flag once the document has been signed, who signed, and the date that it was signed.

If the document is sent to multiple email addresses, documents will only show as signed after all requested signatures for a given document have been completed by the respective signers.

Power of Attorney (POA) and Management Contracts

The "POA" and/or "Management Contract" can manually be sent to owners, by going to:

  1. Owners & Homes
  2. Owners
  3. Click the "three-dot" icon
  4. View / Update

Then expand the "Owner Properties" panel and select either the "POA" icon or the "Management Contract" icon from the last column in the table and create a new document by selecting the template.  

Work Order Approval Form

To send a "Work Order Approval" form to the owner, go to:

  1. Operations
  2. Work Orders

After creating the work order, the owner's approval may be required for larger tasks or maintenance. Select the "three-dot" icon in the first column, and then select "Owner Approval."

NDA's for Staff Members

An "NDA" (Non-disclosure Agreement) can be sent to staff members, by going to:

  1. Global Settings
  2. Settings Assistant
  3. System Users & Permissions

Select the "three-dot" icon in the first column, and then select "NDAs"

Signing the eCiiGN Document

After sending an eCiiGN Document and requesting a signature, the person's who emailed was assigned, will receive an email prompting them to open the document.

The signatory will click on "Open Document" and will be redirected to the document within the Property Manager's website. The user will follow the prompts to complete signing the document.

The page will scroll for the user to the signature and/or initial fields. The user will choose from the list of options to insert their signature or initial.

To complete the signature, the user will press "Done." A "Thank You" confirmation will appear within the website, and the user will receive an email confirmation and a copy of the signed document.

How to View the Signed Documents in CiiRUS

To view all documents that are pending or signed, go to:

  1. Communications
  2. eCiiGN Documents

The table displays all documents that have been sent, regardless of if they have been signed. Apply the applicable filters, by entering the date range, the document type, and the date type. Click "Refresh."

Once the document has been signed, the system will automatically flag that it has been signed, the date signed, and the PDF will be available to see the signed document.

Restrict Email Mailers

Other types of emails can be restricted from sending unless the specified eCiiGN document(s) have been signed. For example, perhaps the arrival information cannot be sent to the guest until the rental agreement has been signed. Within the email rules for the "Arrival Information" template, the restriction can be set to not send the email unless the agreement has been signed.

To restrict an email from sending, go to:

  1. Communications
  2. Automation Rules
  3. Click the "Edit" icon against the applicable mailer or create a new mailer by clicking the "Plus" icon

Configure the mailer rules. Please click here to read the documentation on how to configure an email mailer.

Click on the "Mailer" tab and then "eCiiGN Restrictions" to specify the document(s) that must be sent in order to trigger the specified mailer.

If more than one document is specified, the email will NOT trigger unless both documents have been signed.

Be sure to click the "Save" button.

If a rental agreement is selected as a restriction in the mailer, but has not been sent to the guest, the email will send. However, if a rental agreement has been sent to the guest, the system will scan to see if the document has been signed, and therefore, the email will send. If a document has been sent, but not signed, the email is queued.

Specify how many days until the mailer will expire and no longer trigger. For instance, if the rental agreement has NOT been signed, the email will not trigger, however, it will become a queued email and scanned every fifteen minutes to see if the rental agreement has been signed. The email will auto-send if the document is later signed up until the expiration date set against the rule:

If three days is entered as the expiration date, if the rental agreement is not signed within the three days, the selected mailer will disable and no longer send (even if the rental agreement is signed on day 4.) Once the mailer is expired, the email can be manually sent to the guest against the booking.

Entering zero in this field means that on the first run of the mailer, if the rental agreement has not been signed, the mailer will not process nor will be queued to scan to see if the agreement is signed at a later time.



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