What is a SuperSite?

CiiRUS' SuperSite technology allows a user to have multiple websites that are connected to ONE CiiRUS Account. This saves time as the user does not have to have multiple CiiRUS Accounts if they wish to have multiple websites. All bookings, guest communication, and payment can be managed within the main CiiRUS Account.

Essentially a SuperSite is a duplicate of the main website, but can have different content, branding, prices, and even different properties enabled.

Why create a SuperSite?

Some examples of a SuperSite include websites in different languages, or different locations where the branding is different. For instance, a user may have one website in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, so the website can be marketed in different countries.

Or, a user has a selection of Signature Villas and would like to showcase those homes on a separate website with a different color scheme and images.

How does it work?

First, contact the CiiRUS Website Team for pricing to generate a second or third website. This will be known as a SuperSite.

If a website has already been created and attached to the CiiRUS Account, a second SuperSite account will be created where the second website will be copied to. From there, the CiiRUS Website Team will insert the content and images provided, and the user can stream over the applicable properties and rates to the SuperSite.

How to Create a SuperSite

There are 5 steps involved to create and enable properties for the SuperSite:

  1. To create a SuperSite, i.e, a second website that is translated in Spanish, or a second website branded differently, please contact the CiiRUS Website Team for pricing and to sign an agreement.
  2. CiiRUS will then create the second CiiRUS Account to host the second site and establish the connection between the two accounts:


Main CiiRUS Account: Floriwood (holds all of the properties and the main website - known as the "Supplier Account"

SuperSite CiiRUS Account: FloriwoodSpanish (hosts the second website - known as the "Agent Account"

3. Provide the content such as any new images, colors, logo, and/or text translations to the Website Team to begin development.

4. Once the SuperSite is developed, enable the applicable properties for the SuperSite.

5. Purchase a second domain for the SuperSite with an SSL Certificate and point it to the CiiRUS Server to set the website live.

If a domain has not been purchased already for the second website, GoDaddy is a great and affordable option for domains and SSL certificates! The Website Team will assist in pointing the domain to the CiiRUS Server and binding of the SSL Certificate to ensure the site is secure.

How to Add the Properties to the SuperSite

Either enable all of the main supplier account's properties, or select and enable only specific properties that will go on the second website.

After the connection is established, CiiRUS will provide the credentials for the second account.

To add the applicable properties, go to:

  1. Connections
  2. Inventory Share
  3. SuperSites
  4. Agent Properties

Use this screen to configure the properties to stream to the SuperSite (Agent account). From the drop-down field, select the SuperSite Account (the Username provided for the second account.)

To add the properties:

  1. Click on "Add Properties"
  2. Click on the "Plus" icon in the last column to select the applicable properties to stream to the second website
  3. Click the "Close" button

Next, from the table:

  1. Specify the Rate Set
  2. Specify the description set (For example, a second description could be created in Spanish and assigned to the property for the Spanish SuperSite)
  3. Specify the Terms & Conditions
  4. Click to enable "Include Mandatory Extras?"
  5. Click to "Enable Property" or to enable all properties at once, click "Enable All" above the table.
  6. Click to "Allow Online Bookings"
  7. Click the "Save" icon
  8. To delete a property, click the "Trash" icon

Keep in mind, different rate-sets can be assigned to have higher/lower pricing on the second website. Additionally, different description sets or terms & conditions can also be assigned.

How to Enable the Properties from the SuperSite Account

Once the properties have been enabled from the main CiiRUS Account, they will need to be enabled from the SuperSite (Agent) Account.

To do so, login to the SuperSite CiiRUS Account (credentials will be provided from CiiRUS.)

To enable the properties, go to:

  1. Connections
  2. Inventory Share
  3. SuperSites
  4. Supplier Properties

From the drop-down field, choose the Main CiiRUS (Supplier) Account.

The properties that were previously added from the main account will appear in the table.

To enable the properties for the SuperSite, click on "Enable All"

In future, it is very easy to disable a property to prevent it from streaming to the SuperSite. Simply click the check-box within the "Enable Property" column to disable it, or click on "Disable All" above the table.

If new properties are added in the future, please make sure to follow these steps to enable it to the SuperSite.



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