The cart extra module allows the Property Manager to add booking services or additional fees for potential guests. These can include the likes of BBQ grills, rental equipment, welcome packs, booking insurance, accidental damage waivers, etc. In the past, once an extra was added and made mandatory, it would apply to all bookings including direct, website, and channels.

Now, the Property Manager can configure specific cart extras to apply to certain channels only, if the channel supports the charges that are configured. For instance, an “Accidental Damage Waiver” can be assigned to VRBO bookings only.    

How to add a cart extra by channel:

To add a cart extra, specific to a certain channel, go to:

  1. Reservations & Quoting
  2. Quoting
  3. Cart Settings for Channels

Each channel is listed as an “Agent” in CiiRUS. The Property Manager’s company is also listed as an agent, for the extra to be assigned to. This means, if the user selects themselves, the extra will apply to native quotes and website quotes & bookings.

Click on “Add” and choose the channels that the extra will apply to by selecting from the check boxes.

Keep in mind, not all of the channels support the same extra configuration, so if multiple channels are selected, the system will check what the channels mutually support to charge the extra.

Click the "Next" button to finish setting up the extra. Please keep in mind, only the supported charge types will be editable.

How to Add a Cart Extra for (BDC) supports specific extras through the API. To add an extra specifically for BDC, please follow the steps above and specify “” from the list of channels.

Configure the settings, following the steps on how to configure a cart extra. Please note, only percentage-based fees and fixed flat fees are supported.

Notice, there is now a tab for “Extras”, where the extra type can be assigned.

First, specify the extra fee type from the drop-down. (These are the only fees that are supported).

Some fees require additional information. For example,

  1. Specify “Parking fee” from the drop-down
  2. Parking type -  is it on-site or at a nearby location?
  3. Parking reservation - is a reservation needed or not?
  4. Parking Property - is parking private or public?

To save the extra, click the “Submit” button.

How to Edit a Cart Extra by Channel:

To modify or select other channels to assign the extra to, click the “Edit” Icon.

The table displays the connected channels to assign the extra to.

The channels in green text, means the channel supports the extra’s current configuration.

The channels in red text, means the channel does not support the extra’s current configuration.

The channels in blue text, means the extra has already been assigned to this channel.

Once the channels have been selected, follow the steps above to edit/configure the extra.



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