The new CiiRUS Task Manager is the most advanced operational toolkit for property managers in the vacation rental industry. A new template system and intuitive mobile application make it easier than ever to manage housekeeping, maintenance, and inspection operations from anywhere.

CiiRUS' goals for property management companies using Task Manager are as follows:

  1. Increase operational efficiency by reducing manual exchange between property managers and onsite workers.
  2. Increase overall housekeeping quality and efficiency due to fixed expectations, reference photos, and a central documentation of procedures.
  3. Maximize guest satisfaction with better housekeeping results.
  4. Decrease manual entry by allowing managers to create work-orders, inspection, and follow-up cleans based on issues raised onsite by workers.
  5. Lower management company's liability by providing a paper trail with time-stamped photographic evidence of cleaning and sanitation measures at the home.

In the current climate, point 5 above is particularly important, owing to the possibility that a guest may fall in while on vacation at no fault of the property management company. In CiiRUS, the Task Report will show photographic and documentary evidence of the mandatory cleaning procedures having been followed.

This module explains how to configure the Task Manager, create templates, assign them to various housekeeping, maintenance, and inspection tasks, use the mobile application, view the results in CiiRUS, and quickly create new cleans, work-orders, and inspections as follow-ups to reported issues.

We are mindful of how the Coronavirus pandemic has affected property management company's onsite operations, and have outlined some resources within this documentation to assist. Task Manager will be a critical tool for CiiRUS users as they navigate the reopening of their local vacation rental markets with an eye toward guest safety, staff safety, and operational efficiency.

The Task Manager sits on top of the legacy Housekeeping, Maintenance, and Inspection modules that are already a part of CiiRUS. These modules should be functional and understood by the user prior to initiating setup of  Task Manager. If these are not already set up, please use the following resources to configure these modules prior to proceeding with Task Manager:

Training materials for legacy Housekeeping module:

Training materials for the legacy Work Order module:



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