NOTE: This tip is more theoretical than instructional, however, it alludes to the process of assigning Task Templates to cleans, work-orders, and inspections. This process is covered in detail for each of those modules later in the manual.

Before taking the next step to configure the task template, let’s discuss a common question about how many templates will be required. For example, if a management company with 50 homes wants to use Task Manager to standardize their housekeeping operations, do they really need to create 50 unique housekeeping templates from scratch?

The answer will vary for every management company, however, starting with a copy of an existing template will allow companies with unique homes to build in each property’s housekeeping needs without starting from scratch. If every property is truly unique, a dedicated template could be named for each home, but there’s no need to do each one from scratch. Simply follow the instructions in the prior section to copy the template for a similar home and modify the template to match the next unique home.

Conversely, if a management company has several homes that are identical builds, or within the same community with standard layouts, it’s possible that the same template could be used for several homes. In this event, save time, and avoid unnecessarily creating identical templates.

Similarly, if the process for AC maintenance is identical for several homes, simply create a Task Template one time for AC maintenance, save time by assigning that Task Template for each AC work-order in those homes.




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